Andre Ward on Kovalev: He’s Making Excuses

Andre ‘SOG’ Ward is not convinced Sergey Kovalev has what it takes to take on board real advice in a potential rematch with him in order to perform better.

The pair shared a closely fought battle in 2016 that was debated by fans the world over, and still is by some.

Ward won the decision on the night, but there were many who felt Kovalev deserved to get the nod – while some felt Ward warranted the win.

Whatever your opinion might be, there’s no denying that the controversy surrounding the first fight’s ending would make a potential rematch that much bigger.

That has usually been the case in boxing history that had controversial outcomes.

One recent example in the UK that springs to mind was the Carl Froch vs George Groves rematch.

The first fight ended way too early in most people’s view, only for the rematch to then sell a whopping (as Carl likes to remind us) 80,000 tickets at Wembley.

Not to say that a Ward vs Kovalev rematch will do anything of those proportions, but it’s definitely a big fight to be made in boxing.

If the two do meet again this year Ward (despite speculation Ward was considering retirement) is not convinced that Kovalev can make the necessary changes.

Speaking at an open talk, fan-style Q and A this week at the Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club in the UK, Ward said:

“He’s making excuses. Anybody around him, and I know this because I’m doing my homework. Anybody that’s in his camp that’s telling him he lost, he needs to change this – he’s trying to get rid of. He doesn’t want to hear any truth therefore he’s not going to get any better. If he brings the same guys to the second fight, in my opinion, it’s going to be worse.”