Why Floyd Mayweather Sr Rates Golovkin Style of Boxing as ‘Ugly’

Floyd Mayweather Sr is never one to mince his words. This week he has been less than complimentary to one of the world’s premier fighters on the planet.

Talks in the past about a possible fight between his son and ‘GGG’ may have swayed his view of course.

But such a fight likely will never happen, given Mayweather currently being in retirement and only interested in a boxing match with the UFC’s Conor McGregor for his 50th fight.

What a fight at a possible catch weight of 154lbs between the two it would be, though.

Mayweather himself has been strong in his belief in the past that he would easily beat Golovkin.

While Golovkin has always said he would be open to the fight.

Perhaps it’s just destined to be one of those answers we, as fight fans, will never find out.

At Boxing News and Views in the past we polled our Facebook fans to see who they think would win a fantasy fight between Mayweather and Golovkin.

The results were 672 in favor of Mayweather, 538 Golovkin.

Speaking to ES News this week Floyd Mayweather Sr had this to say on Gennady Golovkin and his approach to the fight game in the ring:

“I’m not excited about somebody that brawls. He’s a brawler. You seen him with that guy one time, the guy from Philadelphia, (journalist prompts Rosado). Yeah, the way he fought man – that’s ugly boxing. I wouldn’t even call it boxing.”

For the full interview catch it here on YouTube courtesy of ES News:

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