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Chael Sonnen Gives His Take On Why Mayweather vs McGregor Is Taking A While To Make

Chael Sonnen knows a thing or two about how fights are made or are not made behind the scenes, and believes one of the top dogs at the UFC is the reason a Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match has not been made yet.

Sonnen has always been a colorful character, but I’ve found over the years through listening to a lot of his interviews that actually, behind the scenes, he can be a very insightful and candid guy on how the fight business works at times.

When he gets going he doesn’t mince his words and following a weekend of heavy speculation that a boxing match involving Mayweather vs McGregor is close to being made – Sonnen has added further positive thoughts to that notion for those wanting to see it.

Speaking on MMA Intake Sonnen said:

“Right now you’ve got the fans behind it, you’ve got the media behind it and the atheltes are saying yes. The promoter just has to put his name on the line and that’s what’s holding this one up.”

He added:

“That’s the problem, Dana White has got the contract behind him. Before Dana said: ‘Floyd if you want him then give me a call’. Before it was absolutely not, he was only going to do MMA, but now Dana has softened his stance. He said: ‘Floyd, give me a call.’ Which means – what’s the offer?”

It will be interesting to see if this much speculated combat get together will actually come off following the crazy amount of media surrounding it over the last six to twelve months.

Mayweather is expected to go on a tour of the UK in March, with some saying he will be testing the waters to see what interest there is in a McGregor fight among British fans.

It doesn’t look like he’ll stop in McGregor’s home country of Ireland just yet though during the trip, but maybe this will change.

For the full segment on Sonnen’s thoughts check it out here via MMAIntake YouTube (hat tip and credit):

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