Mayweather Promoting A Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy Boxing Match

A celebrity Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy boxing match appears to be definitely going ahead and Floyd Mayweather is getting behind it.

The two well known recording artists have had a difference of opinion for quite some time and it looks like to resolve it they are also looking to make some money in the process.

Is this a new trend we are going to see where celebrities are going to use the sport of boxing to drum up interest?

Who knows.

Some may recall former UK cricket player Freddie Flintoff a couple of years back having a professional boxing match that (ultimately he won) but it was something that created mixed response in the boxing community at the time.

Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy boxing match to be promoted by Mayweather Promotions:

— Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) January 5, 2017

The school of thought on the Flintoff fight was that the naysayers said it insulted boxing, while others thought that anything that brings attention to the sport can only be seen as a positive thing.

I tend to subscribe to the latter theory.

It is rumored that Mayweather will be training Soulja Boy for this particular spectacle, so expect some type of reality TV or social media show in the build-up to it in the coming months.