Watch: Outstanding IFL Chris Eubank Christmas Special

This Chris Eubank Christmas special will come as a nice little extra Christmas present today for fight fans.

Chris Eubank Senior is a man who was in his career and still is to this day, as a rather controversial character in boxing who continues to evoke mixed emotion from fight fans across the UK and elsewhere.

His colorful personality, controversial statements have played a part in this and in recent years since managing his talented son Chris Eubank Jr’s boxing career, he has continued to stir up debate following big fights in 2016 in particular falling out for one reason or another.

The excellent folks at IFL TV had their first chance to ever interview the enigmatic Eubank this holiday season and released the following interview today on Christmas day on their YouTube channel following the interview by Kugan Cassius:

(Hat tip and credit: IFL TV YouTube)

Quite the watch for anyone who watches it from start to beginning.

One major bone of contention that came out of it and indeed the current gripe with Eubank among many hardcore boxing fans, is that his son’s next fight for the IBO title in the new year is a pay per view event on ITV despite his opponent being a relatively unknown quantity.

All in all an excellent interview above and one that will likely stir up conversation among boxing fans right through the holiday season this year.