Amir Khan Speaks On Recent Family Issues Between Wife and Parents

Amir Khan speaks on back and forth problems that have been going on between members of his own family.

In recent times there has been a very public back and forth exchange of hostile words between Amir Khan’s wife and his parents.

These exchanges appear to stem from (by all accounts) due to Khan’s parents not been unhappy with his wife’s choice of clothing at times.

Khan has been travelling extensively around the world over the past few months doing charity work but he has now taken the opportunity to address the matter in public on his verified Twitter account:

Amir Khan speaks on ongoing family issues

— Amir Khan (@amirkingkhan) December 13, 2016

From a boxing perspective, Khan has been on an extended break following a devastating knockout defeat suffered at the hands of Canelo Alvarez last May.

But at still only 30 years of age, one would imagine if he chooses to return to a more natural weight class (than middleweight) that he still has plenty to give to the sport as an active fighter for a while yet.

Khan has once again been linked to a fight with Floyd Mayweather in recent times after the two were seen here sharing a joke after Mayweather said he wants to comeback and needs a dance partner.

Perhaps the all elusive Mayweather fight that Khan tried so desperately hard to get for years could come to him after all.