Bellew on Haye: Could This Helmet Insult Us Scousers Anymore?

Tony Bellew on Haye and why he believes he insults Liverpool.

The London – Liverpool rivalry is one I will not claim to know anything about as an Irishman, but it appears to be a small back story in the many themes in the build-up to the David Haye and Tony Bellew fight so far.

Londoner Haye in some of the pre-fight get together appearances has referred to Bellew’s acting abilities in movie hit ‘Creed’ as having been:

“Congrats on playing yourself – a scouse idiot.”

Their fight will take place in Haye’s hometown and the UK capital London next March and it appears Haye is making the city rivalry something to talk about ahead of the fight, amongst many other things from promotional team rivalries, to coaching rivalries and more.

Basically trying to make it as personal as possible. He’s certainly a chap who knows how to sell a fight, as they say.

Bellew has taken this to heart and has posed the following question to his fellow Liverpudlian’s on his Instagram account:

Bellew on Haye and his anti-Liverpool jibes

Bellew on Haye

The jibes between the two continue on a weekly basis between these two colorful characters, with Bellew making a point so far of calling Haye ‘Sideshow Bob’ and Haye calling Bellew ‘The Bellend’.