Joseph Parker Andy Ruiz Brutal Past Sparring Story Comes To Light Before Their Fight

The two men are about to step into a professional boxing ring on Saturday for the WBO heavyweight championship of the world. But it’s not the first time these two have met in a ring, as this Joseph Parker Andy Ruiz discussed openly between the two demonstrates.

They will fight on Saturday in Parker’s hometown of Auckland in New Zealand for the WBO title, with the fight marking by far the biggest pro boxing bout to take place in New Zealand in many years.

The fight between 24 year old Parker (21-0-18KO) and 27 year old Ruiz Jr (29-0-19KO) will bring together two of the world’s leading young heavyweights breaking through onto the world scene at the moment.

The WBO belt will be on the line after Tyson Fury recently vacated it and out of all the boxing action this weekend on December 10th, it’s the one I’m really looking forward to seeing.

Speaking ahead of the fight on the Top Story TV show in New Zealand, an old Joseph Parker Andy Ruiz sparring story was discussed live on set when the host of the show mentioned that Parker could not physically eat food for a number of days after sparring Ruiz Jr in the past.

To which Parker said:

“Yeah I mean, it was the first time I was in Vegas. Kevin was trying to look for work for me, so I was still fresh on the scene. Andy had a lot more experience then I did. So I went in there and I sparred, I sort of underestimated Andy just because of the size and when I got in there he chased me around the ring and he hit me pretty hard. So I have to get him back for that (laughs).”

Both men can clearly punch and coming into the fight Ruiz Jr has lost considerable weight which might close (slightly) the gap in speed between the two that was believed to have existed a few months ago when the fight was first mooted.

For the full interview on the above check it out here on YouTube:

Joseph Parker Andy Ruiz sparring in the past and more