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UK Amateur Boxer Tragically Loses His Life After Fight

Awful boxing news has emerged today as young UK amateur boxer who was originally from Poland Kuba Moczyk dies in hospital following a recent bout.

It has been reported that the young fighter was knocked out in his first amateur fight and that shortly after a bleed on the brain was discovered following the bout in Great Yarmouth last weekend.

The 22 year old boxer was taken to James Paget University Hospital where he was treated and accompanied by his bedside by his twin sister.

Efforts had been made by his sister to raise funds on a GoFundMe page for specialist treatment abroad. Kuba sadly lost his life however on Wednesday evening surrounded by his family in hospital.

This tragic news comes during a tough year for boxing, that has sadly seen other fatalities in the sport following fights in the ring including Scottish boxer Mike Towel.

Everyone at Boxing News and Views wishes our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of Kuba Moczyk at this difficult time.

(Picture source and credit: Sky News)