Watch: Final Kovalev vs Ward Face Off Video

The last Sergey Kovalev vs Ward face off before they get down to business on Saturday night in Vegas in the marquee fight of 2016 for the sport of boxing.

The coming together of these American and Russian pugilists represents the pinnacle of the sweet science as two of the premier fighters in the world today, pound for pound.

Fight week can often be a boring one for fighters who by this stage have all the months of hard work, blood, sweat and sacrifice already done.

It’s very much a week for concentrating on making weight, narrowing focus to the brutal task that lays ahead and focusing on the tactics that will be implemented on the night.

But there are certain things on fight week that can sometimes make a small difference I’ve noticed over the years.

Even if it’s just that half a percent of difference, it can be enough to count in a sport as unforgiving at the top level as pro boxing where the margin for error is minuscule.

Andre Ward’s coach Virgil Hunter has been on the mind games assault this week against his opposing coach John David Jackson.

Body language is also a big thing in my opinion. Here’s how both guys squared up at yesterday’s final Kovalev vs Ward face off, watch closely:

(Hat tip and credit Fight Hub YouTube)

At the very end Kovalev extends his hand to shake the hand of Ward, but Ward instead offered a fist pump to which Kovalev obliges.

Although it’s just a small thing, I thought Ward looked more relaxed and assured in himself. Will it make a difference in the fight?

Probably not.

Weigh-ins will take place later today where we will get to see how both fighters have done the weight which can also be something to consider before trying to pick a fight.

I don’t envision either man having a problem making weight however going on past history.

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