Is Labelling Danny Swift Garcia A ‘Cherry Picker’ Really Fair?

Danny Garcia is currently the the WBC welterweight champion and next year come March 2017, fight fans will finally see him in eagerly anticipated showdown with fellow American welterweight rival and world champion Keith Thurman.

After rumors of bouts with Andre Berto and John Molina failed for business reasons, it was reported that Garcia would fight would fight Samuel Vargas before the Thurman match next year as a perceived tune up fight.

Almost immediately accusations of being a ‘cherry picker’ started, most notably from Keith Thurman himself here.

This isn’t the first time Garcia has been criticized for taking on overmatched opponents it must be said for fairness and balance purposes.

‘Cherry picking’ is the term in boxing for avoiding dangerous fights to essentially protect one’s record.

Lets take a quick look at previous opponents Danny Garcia has fought top level competition. When he knocked out Amir Khan he was far from the favorite going into the fight beforehand.

That fight was supposed to be a showcase for Khan according to many, being one of the future stars in boxing at that particular time.

The result was quite a bit different however:

Then Garcia went on to beat Lucas Matthysse who at the time was what can only be described as a monster and who was destroying everybody.

The fight against Vargas coming up can be fairly called a tune up fight for Keith Thurman in my opinion.

This is smart for the Garcia camp because they won’t to go into a dangerous fight like the Thurman showdown after being out the ring for over a year.

Assuming he gets past Vargas, Garcia will go into the Thurman fight as a slight underdog one could assume all things considering.

Fighters have always took tune ups before taking big fights in the past I feel it is necessary to note. The most important thing is we have another big fight getting made for early 2017 and one I can’t wait for.