Boxing helps the wider community around the world more than it’s ever given credit for. This story from Australia is a perfect example.

This unique project based in Australia essentially brings the community, police, prisoners and youth together through the sport of boxing.

It demonstrates that despite the negative publicity the sport can often come in for from people who are perhaps not educated on the positive impact it can have on people’s lives, that boxing is very much still a sport even today in 2016 that helps people all around the world:

The statistics from the above Facebook page AJE Video make for incredible reading.

Before starting the above initiative the community had massive violent crime issues. There were 100 violent crimes reported every month in this one community – which is 1200 per year.

Amazingly however. after the project went live this number came way down to only 74 reports of violent crimes per year.

That’s a drastic reduction to just 6 reports per month (down from 100 reports per month), a whopping 94% improvement overall.

Boxing today as a professional sport still remains a dangerous one as the recent tragic passing of Scottish boxer Mike Towell showed us, which brought out the old anti-boxing brigade again calling for a ban on the sport.

While the sport remains dangerous, these tragic instances are rare and overall the positive the sport does in projects like the above always seem to go unnoticed.

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