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The Impending Probability of Four World Heavyweight Champions

The recent alleged mental illness and alleged drug activity of Tyson Fury has thrown the comparatively stable heavyweight division into disarray.

The main participants seem to be deposed champion Wladimir Klitschko, IBF Champion Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker, all highly rated by all the sanctioning organisations and the lurking dark horse that is Luis Ortiz of course, a man seemingly avoided across the board.

The simple solution, but not necessarily one the sanctioning organisations would embrace, would be a fight that would unify as many of the belts as possible.

This would obviously need the co-operation between the WBC, the WBA, the WBO and the IBF to match Klitschko and Joshua of course.

Morally, Klitschko has to be included in any unified attempt in my opinion.

I have omitted the injured Wilder and his mandatory Povetkin you might notice. Until Wilder’s injury and his proposed fight with Povetkin is clarified, they are out of the picture temporarily.

There are several permutations that unfortunately lead to the multiple champions that Klitschko fought so hard and long to unify against.

To determine the champions, if Klitschko vs Joshua does not become a reality, the sanctioning bodies’ (at times) strange rating systems would have to be pandered to.

Everything is up in the air at present as we await what could be one hell of a shakeup in the heavyweight division over the coming months.

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