Juergen Braehmer vs Nathan Cleverly – Boxing Results and Report

The Juergen Braehmer vs Nathan Cleverly boxing match took place tonight in Germany for the WBA (regular) light-heavyweight world title at Jahnsportforum, Neubrandenburg in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Coming into tonight’s Juergen Braehmer vs Nathan Cleverly fight our own Peter Wells predicted the fight would go the distance, which ultimately wasn’t to be the case.

Cleverly took the centre of the ring in round one, straight down to business and getting the better of the first round on aggression, work rate and punches landed.

The second round proved to be a good three minutes for the Welshman’s right hand, although Braehmer enjoyed more success in this round compared to the first.

The champion Braehmer came out with more purpose in round three by moving onto the front foot himself and standing his ground against Cleverly, throwing some straight left hands down the pipe with some success, but Cleverly finished the round well as it was clear he was planning on pushing a massive pace on the German.

Cleverly was working the body well in the fourth round and was digging in some solid hooks, but Braehmer was arguably landing the more clean and eye catching punches of the two.

The fifth round was another competitive round, with both men in clearly excellent physical condition as the high intensity continued. Towards the end of the round both fighters stood in the pocket and exchanged leather to the pleasure of the crowd.

Cleverly put some decent shots together in the sixth while keeping Braehmer on the back foot, although the German still looked like there was more on his punches when he landed, despite the excellent work rate exhibited from Cleverly.

But then, out of nowhere, before the bell went to signal the beginning of round seven, it emerged that Braehmer’s corner had pulled their man out of the fight – prompting Cleverly and his team to commence celebrating.

It was unclear at the time of stoppage why his corner pulled him out, with a suspected injury to his right arm or right elbow being the reason cited in a bizarre ending to the fight.

It appeared to many that Braehmer was certainly in the fight and ahead on the cards at the time of stoppage but injury forced him to be pulled out by his team after Braehmer looked to flag the injury to them, during a time when it was developing into an excellent fight to watch.

The win of the world title marked an impressive comeback in terms of Cleverly’s career overall though, who was crowned the new WBA light-heavyweight champion and improved his record to 30-3 (16KO).

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