Tyson Fury Trainer Goes Through Real Reasons Klitschko Fight Is Off

Tyson Fury trainer Peter Fury has spoken for the first time about some of the issues his fighter and nephew has gone through in recent times and ultimately, what led up to him being medically unfit to box against Wladimir Klitschko in their rematch in Manchester and the decision to pull out of the fight.

It appears that Tyson Fury has been driven underground from mental issues stemming from a series of events originating since initially winning the world heavyweight title last November, according to Peter Fury who spoke to James Helder of IFL TV on what has really gone on.

Since winning the heavyweight title last year Tyson Fury has felt he has not received the appropriate credit for his achievement and when it comes to mainstream media, you’d have to agree he has a point.

We covered the topic extensively at the time late last year after he defeated Wladimir Klitschko, becoming the first man to do so in quite some time.

It was arguably one of the finest achievements by a British or Irish boxer for years, in that he travelled abroad to Germany to dethrone a long reigning unified heavyweight champion – opening up the heavyweight landscape for the first time in nearly a decade.

But it seems as time has gone on, this has eaten away at Fury inside and with recent alleged allegations from UKAD (United Kingdom Anto-Doping Agency) his trainer has said that everything has gotten too much for him, between the hate he receives online and so forth.

It goes to show that anyone can be pushed over the edge and everyone has a breaking point. Let’s hope he’s back in the ring soon and has a speedy recovery following whatever medical treatment he receives.

Here’s the full, candid and insightful as always interview from James Helder of IFL TV with Peter Fury – a well worth watch on what the real reasons were from Tyson withdrawing from the upcoming Klitschko rematch:

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