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Class Bernard Hopkins Breakdown Of Canelo Technique and Punches

Bernard Hopkins gives expert technical breakdown of how Canelo operates in the ring ahead of this weekend’s fight in Texas, when he challenges for the WBO junior-middleweight title against Liverpool’s Liam Smith.

When it comes to Bernard Hopkins, there’s probably few human being on Earth who are as technically knowledgeable on the sport of boxing in all honesty.

A man who’s quite literally done it all in the ring.

From middleweight title defence records to becoming the oldest world champion in professional boxing history, technique and mind games have been at the centre of everything this living boxing legend has achieved in the sport of boxing.

His wisdom in the squared circle has been forged from old school philosophy and a level of dedication to his craft that perhaps the sweet science may never see again for a long, long time.

I recall not long ago Hopkins was attending a UFC event in his native State of Philadelphia when before the event, he gave MMA athlete Rashad Evans a stellar boxing talk on throwing the straight right hand and using the shoulder and forehead to deflect the brunt of punches.

These nuggets of boxing gold are rare when they come along but when they do for any true boxing fan, they offer an insight into the inner mechanics of the profession that are hard to get anywhere else.

Ahead of this weekend’s fight in the States involving Liam Smith and Canelo Alvarez, Hopkins has given HBO YouTube an inside look of what Canelo Alvarez does particularly well in the ring.

It’s as good a breakdown as you’ll see in boxing, looking at the secret weapons and traps the Mexican set in his last fight successfully against another Brit Amir Khan back in May:

It is rumoured that Hopkins will make one final appearance in the boxing ring as a professional fighter himself next year but as of yet, we are awaiting an announcement on who that opponent will be against.

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