Conor McGregor Defeats Nate Diaz By Majority Decision

UFC star Conor McGregor defeats Nate Diaz in their rematch in Vegas. The MMA fighter has been linked with a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather this year but took care of business in the octagon first off tonight.

In a highly competitive fight in the T-Mobile Arena, both men traded punches and stand up exchanges for five (5 minute) rounds to the delight of onlooking fans.

The first round was a dominant one for McGregor as he let fly with big left hands, dropping Diaz at one point and allowing him to get back to his feet for more punishment.

This was followed up with leg kicks and straight shots that saw him easily win the first round.

Irishman McGregor started the second in similar fashion, again dropping Diaz with another straight left hand and again allowing him back to his feet.

However Diaz showed his renowned toughness and rallied towards the end of the round with some good work against McGregor against the cage.

Conor McGregor Defeats Nate Diaz
Official scorecards via Nevada State Athletic Commission

The third round was a big one for American Diaz, who came back strong at McGregor with continued success up against the cage at times. McGregor looked to have been fatigued in this round but managed to get through it.

McGregor had busted Diaz up significantly by the fourth round, with the American visibly having his vision obscured because of the blood. McGregor was picking his moments well and mixing up his punches and leg kicks to take the round.

Diaz came on strong again in the final round in a frantic paced five minutes for both competitors, but both men went at it, making it a very close one to score. Diaz managed to secure a take down in the dying moments of the round but it was to prove too little too late for him

McGregor was awarded the decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47) on the three judges scorecards.

UK boxer Amir Khan recently said he is willing to fight Conor McGregor in the not too distant future. Whether the claims were serious though, remains to be seen.

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