Rio Olympics Boxing Results Day 4 (Live Updates)

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Day 3 brought about a couple of shocks in this year’s Olympic boxing action, perhaps the most notable being Irish light-flyweight and two time Olympic bronze medallist Paddy Barnes narrowly losing out in his first bout of the games in a shock defeat.

After the fight the colourful Barnes said it was a matter of the weight just finally catching up with him and that in fact it would be the last time he would be making the light-flyweight limit, opting to now move up a weight next time he competes.

For the full results and scores from yesterday at day 3 you can find them here.

So now, we are well and truly underway with the Olympic boxing action this year and with day four due to commence later at 15:00 GMT – here’s what’s in store (fight scores and results will be updated live once action commences).


  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – Lazaro Alvarez of Cuba vs Carmine Tomassone of Italy

Winner: Lazaro Alvarez 3-0

  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – Daisuke Narimatsu of Japan vs Carlos Balderas Jr of USA

Winner: Carlos Balderas Jr 3-0

  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – Hurshid Tojibaev of Uzbekistan vs Joseph Cordina of Great Britain

Winner: Hurshid Tojibaev 2-0

  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – Robson Conceicao of Brazil vs Anvar Yunusov of Tajikistan

Winner: Robson Conceicao by TKO


  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Illyas Abbadi of Algeria vs Mpi Ngamissengue of Congo

Winner: Illyas Abbadi 3-0

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Minggang Zhao of China vs Kamran Shakhsuvarly of Azerbaijan

Winner:Kamran Shakhsuvarly 3-0

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Misael Rodriguez of Mexico vs Waheed Karawwi of Iraq

Winner: Misael Rodriguez 3-0

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Dieudonne Seyi Ntsengue of Cameroon vs Jorge Vivas Colombia

Winner: Dieudonne Seyi Ntsengue 2-1


  • Men’s super-heavyweight (91kg) – Laurent Jr. Clayton of the Virgin Islands vs Erik Pfeifer of Germany

Winner: Laurent Jr. Clayton 2-1

(Note: Please allow for a 3 hour break here and action and our live updates for today will commence once again at approx 21:00 GMT)


  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – Otgondalai Dorjnyambuu of Mongolia vs Enrico Lacruz of Holland

Winner: Otgondalai Dorjnyambuu 2-1

  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – Adlan Abdurashidov of Russia vs Reda Benbasiz of Algeria

Winner: Reda Benbasiz 3-0

  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – Sofiane Oumiha of France vs Amnat Ruenroeng of Thailand

Winner: Sofiane Oumiha TKO

  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – David Joyce of Ireland vs Albert Selimov of Azerbaijan

Winner: Albert Selimov 3-0


  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Merven Clair of Mauritius vs Hosam Abdin of Egypt

Winner: Hosam Abdin 3-0

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Krishan Vikas of India vs Charles Conwell of USA

Winner: Krishan Vikas 3-0

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Onder Sipal of Turkey vs Benny Muziyo of Zamibia

Winner: Onder Sipal 2-1

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Tomasz Jablonski of Poland vs Daniel Lewis of Australia

Winner: Daniel Lewis 2-1


  • Men’s super-heavyweight (91kg) – Mahammadrasul Majidov of Azerbaijan vs Mohammed Arjaoui of Morocco

Winner: Mahammadrasul Majidov 3-0

(And that’s a wrap for today folks! See you back here tomorrow at 21:00 GMT)

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