Exclusive: Martin Rogan Has A Special Message For His Fans

Martin Rogan talks about his return to the ring, his hopes of appearing on the Fury/Klitschko undercard, Sean Turner, wanting to fight Dillian Whyte or Dereck Chisora, McGregor/Mayweather, PED’s – plus ‘Big Rogie’ has a special message for his fans.

Do you have any news on when you will have your Boxing licence back?

“Only news I have is I will have it shortly, next week or so.”

Hoping everything goes well with your licence, when would you like to get back in the ring?

 “I would like to be back in the ring ASAP. I’m trying to get a date at the minute but finding it harder than I expected.”

How much would you like to make your return on the Fury/Klitschko II undercard? Have you been in contact with Mick Hennessy regarding this?

“I would love the opportunity to fight on the Tyson Klitschko II show. I’m a crowd pleaser, I come to fight and maybe that’s why promoters shy away.”

Assuming you return to action in the summer, when would you see the Sean Turner fight taking place?

“I will return to the ring no question about that, as far as it goes with Sean – he’s not on my radar. He is fighting no one at the minute, I understand he’s getting the rounds in. He calls everyone out and abuses them but his management team MGM don’t seem to back his calls.”

The Heavyweight division is really thriving again, what do you make of it all?

“I think the Heavyweight division is exciting at present, I can’t be knocked for wanting to mix it with them. If my age is a barrier for them then step up and take me on, but it’s exciting times – long may it continue. More needs to be done for the ones taking drugs though – their whole record should be wiped and receive a longer ban.”

What do you make of David Haye’s return to the ring? His opponents haven’t been up to much but his next fight with Briggs would surely be a step up?

 “I think David is an excellent fighter and a nice guy but his last fight was poor. I think we expect more from him and better opponents as David is a cracker but he is only returning from a long lay off. I think the fight with Briggs is a lot more exciting, Briggs will go at him. Haye has good footwork.

(Haye’s recent demolition of Arnold Gjergjaj) 

As for the rest Joshua is proving good, he’s powerful. I would jump at at any of them – Dillian Whyte or Derek Chisora. I believe I could mix it with them they are good fighters, it’s top fighters I want to fight. If I cant get past them boyos, then I will shake their hand and exit from boxing.”

What did you make of the whole Lucas Browne fiasco?

 “Lucas Browne what can I say, he failed the test we all take. I’ve taken them many times we can all shout and ball of why and it shouldn’t be, but the test don’t lie. I have heard of other prescription drugs that can also cause it to fail so it is what it is. Not my problem or business. Lucas is taking the matter to court so will see the outcome of that.”

The McGregor/ Mayweather rumours won’t go away, do you think it’s a fight that will happen, do you think it’s a fight that should happen?

“Mayweather v McGregor I think it’s mad, I’m not reading into it. Two different sports, rules are different, if it’s boxing who will sanction it and why?

 Our boxers deserve respect, Mayweather if he returns – it should only be allowed if he is facing a top ten boxer. If McGregor wants to box, start with a top ten fighter and get a boxing license. This is totally up to the people in charge of boxing or MMA – but don’t ruin our sport.”

What goals have you set yourself on your return to the ring?

“I have set no goals at present, only to get in and fight and see where I go. I am giving it my 100% and we shall see.”

And finally…

Do you have a message to your fans who have been waiting for ‘Big Rogie’ to return to the ring?

“Yes my message is simple – thank you for supporting me from the start and from all over the land, from the Shankill from the East to Andytown to Falls. Thank you.

We took over York Hall, the MEN, the Audley showdown, Birmingham with Skelton and with being the first boxer to fill the Odyssey Arena. Belfast let’s do it again, a working class man that can fight – I couldn’t of done it without you son thank you.”

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