Canelo Vacating of WBC Belt and WBC Instating GGG As Champion Adds More Pressure To Get Fight Made

Boxing fans simply won’t put up with this, if the fight doesn’t go ahead that is. It’s just too good a bout not to happen.

The boxing world is currently up in arms about whether or not the much clamored for Gennady Golokvin and Canelo Alvarez showdown will happen, with both men apparently wanting the fight – although latest proceedings suggest they are in no hurry to get it made, at least on Golden Boy’s side.

However conversely, fan pressure to see the fight get made is almost at boiling point now.

Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions has said they vacated the WBC belt as they didn’t want to work under the constant pressure of a deadline to get the fight made, whereby the WBC had previously said both team’s had until May 24th to come to an agreement, and then a purse bid situation would take place if no deal was reached.

The WBC’s swift response to instate Golovkin as their new middleweight champion has stoked this already roasting pugilistic fire even more, with our good friend and talented journalist Gavin Casey perhaps summing it up best:

I’d never admonish a fighter’s courage from this side of the ropes, but if Canelo worms out of a GGG fight after dropping the belt… Yikes.

— Gavan Casey (@GavanCasey) May 18, 2016

It’s an almost palpable tension online for boxing fans at the moment, as every day that goes by, the more doubtful the fight is looking like it will get made, as fan pressure intensifies at the same time.

Options are a plenty in the middleweight division at the moment for either man, too, with WBO titlist Billy Joe Saunders more than willing to take on Golovkin it would seem today:

Number five triple G can go and fucking self I am ready to fight @GGGBoxing@frankwarren_tv make it happen US or England #LetsGo

— billyjoesaunders (@bjsaunders_) May 19, 2016

We now live in an era of boxing that once again is highly exciting, across the board, where fans have the power to make a fight happen like never before by voicing their delight and disgust in equal measures on social media, according to latest rumor and speculation.

The fact that the WBC belt was vacated by Canelo and then was awarded to Golovkin in such speedy fashion for fans to see online, has only precipitated their growing voice even further and flat out demanding of this fight to take place.

It for whatever reason the fight were not to become a reality this year, expect one hell of a fan backlash for both protagonists.

Both men want it, now it’s up to their teams to hammer out an agreement – for the good of boxing.

Here’s an excellent new build-up promo video by the folks at Boxing Highlights C4TV on this potentially seismic sweet science explosion that is so desperately wanted and needed:

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