Pauly Upton Looking To Win Irish Belt In Honour Of His Grandad

Pauly Upton says he will dedicate the Irish title to a special someone should he defeat Terry Maughan in Northampton this Saturday night.

The unbeaten super-welterweight’s grandfather, Liam ‘Gills’ Upton was a leading amateur for the Emerald Isle during the 1950s and ‘60s and Pauly says he’ll give his all to make him proud. He is looking forward to boxing in Ireland again one day, but for the meantime Upton said:

“My grandad is getting older now so it would be nice to win that belt and take it down to him, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to see the title and to have a professional Irish champion in the family. He boxed hundreds of times as an amateur and won most of his fights, but he never turned pro so I can’t wait to turn up on his doorstep with the title over my shoulder.”

With his younger siblings, Anthony and Sonny, also pressing towards title opportunities, Pauly admits there is some friendly rivalry, but he’s confident of becoming the family’s first titlist. He said:

“We all have a bit of a laugh about it and there’s some friendly banter. They want to be champions too so it’ll nice to the first. I’m the oldest and I was the first to make my debut so winning a belt first will be brilliant and I can’t see any reason why I can’t pull it off.”

He concluded:

“Terry Maughan is obviously a good opponent and he’s got experience of boxing over ten rounds, but I’ve seen a clip on him on YouTube and I think I have the tools to beat him and take that belt home.”

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