Nick Blackwell Family Release Statement

There has been widespread comments on social media networks in recent days following a tragic injury that took place last Saturday to middleweight boxer Nick Blackwell at the weekend.


Blackwell was taken to hospital after the fight following a bleed on his brain and was subsequently placed in an induced coma by medical staff.

The fight was stopped during the 10th round, when the doctor was called into the referee to examine massive swelling over the left eye of Nick Blackwell who then after inspecting the injury, called off the fight.

No one was to predict what was to happen next, as Nick collapsed in the ring and was then stretchered out of the arena on route to hospital.

We touched on yesterday how some of the anti-boxing brigade are using Nick’s injury as ammo for their agendas, with the boxing community rallying around Blackwell and indeed the sport itself at the moment, at such a sensitive and tragic time for one of it’s young warriors.

It is understood according to reports, that Nick might be taken out of his induced coma this week with a further assessment to take place today, but as of yet, nothing has been officially confirmed.

The Blackwell family have released an official statement via promoter Hennessy Sports on Twitter:

nick blackwell family

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