Tyson Fury: I Love Getting Punched In The Face, I Love Tasting Blood, I Love Hurting People

Fighting is in the DNA of Tyson Fury, it’s just who he is on the inside – a genuine, real fighter. It’s little wonder that he’s gone on to achieve what he has and become the heavyweight champion of the world.


Tyson Fury may come in for some flack online for what he says from time to time, but it’s great when a well done documentary comes along that truly shows him as who he actually is, a genuine and sincere individual.

It’s also enjoyable when a well put together segment really shows where someone came from, and explores the full story that has lead them to where they are today, as an adult.

In a truly compelling new HBO documentary feature on the new heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury, it goes into great detail on Fury’s background, what drove him to be a boxer and contains insights from his family (including his uncle and father).

The production also briefly explores the past of the two men who have probably had the biggest impact on Tyson’s professional boxing career and indeed life, his uncle and current trainer Peter Fury and his own father John Fury, along with touching on the bare knuckle boxing tradition that was heavily prevalent throughout the family’s history.

Speaking on what drove him to be a boxer and what still motivates him as a fighter and now champion today, Tyson said:

“Furys are bread to fight, it’s definitely in the blood. I don’t fight for money, I don’t fight for fame, I don’t fight for glory, I fight because I love it. I love getting punched in the face, I love tasting blood, I love hurting people. That sounds mad doesn’t it? To me, fighting is my life, I don’t do nothing else. I can’t function without fighting.”

As the documentary concludes, you really get a sense of just how special his achievement in Germany was, particularly when his uncle Peter is speaking on the win in candid fashion.

The short documentary titled Tyson Fury – The Gypsy King is one of the best boxing features I’ve come across in quite a while, I have to say. Hats off to HBO on this one.

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