WATCH: Tyson at 49 Still Carries Power in Commercial Shoot

‘Iron’ Mike has been working on a new commercial just before the Christmas holidays and showing that even at 49 years of age, he still has some venom in those trademark punches.


Legendary fighter Mike Tyson recently has been filming a commercial shoot with boxing and MMA equipment brand Pro Last Boxing, and a video of behind the scenes recordings has emerged, showing the former heavyweight champion of the world detonating some classic heavy punches on the heavy bag.

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In recent times Tyson has hit the big screens in the movie world, with appearances in the likes of blockbuster hits such as The Hangover series and others, and has firmly stayed in retirement as relating to his boxing career.

In boxing, they say a fighter’s power is often the last thing to go and in Tyson’s case, it certainly seems to ring true, judging on the below.

Although obviously well past his prime, his recent commercial shoot also shows glimpses of some of the old vintage Tyson head movement, bobbing and weaving, vicious body punches and iconic left hooks and right hands, that once captured the public’s imagination and saw him become the best heavyweight in the world, at one time.

Here’s Tyson in action on the heavy bag recently:

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