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GGG Asks Canelo A Rather Odd Question

Middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin is a man known for his more subtle approach towards boxing media and certainly a chap who doesn’t engage in any type of calling out, as regarding potential opponents. Until now, potentially.


For a while now, the names of Golovkin and Mexican warrior Canelo Alvarez have been pitted together, and it would seem that ‘GGG’ is now finally growing impatient of such talk, and this week took to Twitter to ask Canelo this:

canelo ggg callout

Canelo apparently has until the end of today to agree a deal with GGG’s handlers for a possible fight in 2016, but nothing has been announced as of yet.

Unless the two are secret friends that are looking to shoot some pool or grab a beer this week, it can surely be taken that Golovkin is starting a little back and forth via social media, in order to drum up some interest in a possible fight between the two in 2016, in what would be lets face it, fairly epic.

No reply has come as of yet from the young Mexican, but expect more on this in the coming weeks and months, with a potential bout between the two something that would satisfy boxing fans the world over.

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