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Eubank Jr Believes O’Sullivan Is In “Too Deep”

The Englishman believes his Irish counterpart has talked himself into a corner.


Chris Eubank Jr. says Spike O’Sullivan is ‘in too deep’ and is in for a rough night when they meet in a final eliminator for the WBA World Middleweight title at The O2 on Saturday night, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

Eubank Jr. has been embroiled in bitter exchanges with O’Sullivan on social media for three years as the Irishman has hunted a showdown, and now they finally meet with high stakes on the line, the Brighton star has told his foe: be careful what you wish for:

“He’s dug himself a very deep hole and he’s not going to be able to get out of it. No fight is simple, but he is not the man to beat me. He’s one dimensional and he’s not got enough in his armour to beat me. The gravity of the situation he’s in has slowly begun to dawn on him in the build-up, he’s going to step into the ring with me tonight; the pressure has got to him. He could’ve boxed me twice before and he tried to price himself out of this fight, he doesn’t really want it. I’ve had a great camp and I am ready to go in there and cause some destruction.”

Eubank Jr. added:

“Some of the stuff he’s said over the years is sickening. I would not give him the satisfaction to repeat them, but for him to then go quiet is embarrassing and fake.”

He concluded:

“Everyone was surprised how quiet he was. The guy has been stalking me for years on Twitter calling me every single name under the sun and trying every trick to try and get under my skin, then when we are finally in a room together, he goes into his shell and has nothing to say. It was embarrassing and I kind of felt sorry for him, I think he realised then what he has got himself into and that he’s going to pay for his words.”

(Image credit: Lawrence Lustig)

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