Fury Klitschko Does Good Numbers On HBO

Despite what many claimed would be a mismatch, in the end, Tyson Fury not only proved his critics wrong by capturing the heavyweight championship of the world from Wladimir Klitschko, but the fight also did surprisingly very strong television numbers in the States.


The fight also had things against it from a commercial point of view in America, as it went out to air in the afternoon time on HBO, along with going up against some very popular college football the ‘Iron Bowl’ which was shown live via free network television US giants CBS.

Nonetheless, Klitschko-Fury performed excellently on HBO, averaging just slightly over 1 million viewers for the transmission, with apparently another 700,000 who watched the replay on HBO later that evening.

This goes to show, that regardless of all the naysayers who continue to persist with irrelevant, illogical and uneducated statements like, “boxing is dead”, that in fact it has never been more alive, and that heavyweight boxing when it brings two fighters of note together – undeniably has huge drawing power.

(Image credit: ABC.net.au)

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