Teddy Atlas Is One Of The Most Passionate Men In Boxing

“We are firemen!” shouted renowned coach and commentator Teddy Atlas at pupil Tim Bradley last weekend in the corner, referring to how when the “fire” was coming in the fight with Brandon Rios, they would not succumb to the heat.


Teddy Atlas has been known for his intensity and passion for years, both as a trainer and more recently on the mic as a commentator.

Never one to be afraid to give his opinion or say it as it is, Atlas has built up quite a bit of respect for himself in the boxing world over the years.

Quite rightfully, too.

From the days when he was first involved with training a young Mike Tyson, his almost innate man management ability to get the most out of a fighter through emotional intelligence and straight shooting, has been plain to see.

But this weekend just gone in Tim Bradley’s battering of Brandon Rios, this passion was probably at it’s most extreme, well, ever.

Words don’t exactly do this justice, so lets roll the short clip when Atlas gives Bradley some rather (subtle) advice.

Teddy Atlas, we salute you:

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