Boxing – An Emotional Sport

As the sport of boxing continues to slowly but surely transition it’s way back into mainstream consciousness in 2015, we thought it would be as good a time as ever to look back on some of the special participants that make up this glorious sport – the boxers themselves.


While trawling the internet in our usual rounds as part of our search for the stories that matter to fight fans, as well as talking to people inside the sport to get inside scoops, we came across a rather special tribute video on YouTube.

In a slight break from the norm from our usual boxing coverage, we thought it was important to share this video on BoxingNAV, as it really hits a lot of nails on the head from a visual story telling perspective on the sport.

This pugilistic compilation is a great depiction of the modern boxing era at it’s core, in terms of the various well known protagonists that have contributed to it, but also still personifying what boxing always has been about over the years – an emotional sport.

After all, we are all emotional beings as humans and perhaps this is a key reason why boxing continues to be such a draw in modern 2015 society:

Big hat tip to the celegan1 YouTube channel who put together this great tribute.

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