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Sometimes boxing can really show you how brutal but special a sport it is, all at once.


Recently unbeaten heavyweight prospect Willis Meehan (4-0, 3KO) was in action in his native New Zelaland, when he chalked up his fourth straight win in the pro ranks over gutsy veteran Leamy Tato.

Southpaw Meehan won the fight in the second round, when the referee on the night was forced to step in and wave proceedings off, following a brutal body and head assault that graphically caused the blood of Tato to land flush on the TV camera filming the action.

What was more startling than this harsh reminder of the reality of boxing, was what ensured straight after the referee called things off.

As Meehan was finishing Tato off and unloading his combinations, it can be clearly heard by the young heavyweight contender:

“Stop the f*****g fight”, as he urged the referee for his opponent to take no more unnecessary punishment. This was then followed by Meehan embracing Tato straight after, and asking him if he was okay.

Here’s a brutal reminder of what these special athletes put themselves through in the ring for boxing fans, and the unspoken bond and care fighters have for fellow fighters:

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