News has officially been confirmed that the upcoming Andy Lee vs Billy Joe Saunders fight in Manchester for the WBO middleweight title has been shelved again, however the overall show will still go ahead.


Fans were already disappointed that the initial fight in Ireland had originally been called off, but now it has emerged that UK challenger Billy Joe Saunders has suffered an injury that will unfortunately mean the fight will need to be rescheduled yet again at some point.

Promoter Frank Warren officially confirmed a short time ago:

Andy Lee vs Billy Joe Saunders Postponed
Andy Lee vs Billy Joe Saunders postponed

This is another bitter blow for what still promises to be an exciting fight, when it does eventually happen. Boxing fans have been less than pleased with the news, and rightly so:

Andy Lee vs Billy Joe Saunders postponed

As a sport, boxing seems to be one of the few that consistently has events fall out time and time again, which not only is bad for the fighters and the fans, but also a big risk for television companies who often are turned off by this fact, when weighing up a decision on whether to show a fight or not.

Lets hope this is the last of the big fight fall out announcements for the rest of 2015.

(Image credit: UK Independent)

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