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Eubank v Groves

Fan Produces Comical Admission Of Getting It Wrong On Eubank v Groves

There's a lot of people with egg on their faces…

- 3 years ago
Eubank Senior Sums Up

Eubank Senior Sums Up His Son’s Loss To Groves Philosophically

The dust has now settled on this weekend's world title…

- 3 years ago
Chris Eubank Senior Reacts

Chris Eubank Senior Reacts To What Groves Did To His Son

Chris Eubank senior has spoken for the first time the…

- 3 years ago
Chris Eubank Jr Added To Groves vs Smith Card

Chris Eubank Jr Speaks For The First Time The Day After Losing To Groves

Chris Eubank Jr gave a brave account of himself in…

- 3 years ago
Chris Eubank Jr Rules

UK Tabloid Make Shocking Error About Eubank Jr vs Groves Fight

Everyone makes mistakes of course, but this one was on…

- 3 years ago