At our boxing schedule we will keep you updated with the big fights to watch out for over the next month or so at a given time in the sport.

We will update the boxing schedule every week or so or whenever a big fight falls out so you know what to look forward to in the very immediate future in the sweet science.

Our boxing schedule will focus on predominately the big TV fights or world title bouts mainly.

Bouts that are of genuine interest to the wider public.

(See also: Our current pound for pound top 10 list and heavyweight boxing rankings top 10).

We have found that while there are some good schedules out there that focus on much of the world’s sweet science action, they are also mixed in with the smaller shows and can often be hard to navigate through between everything as a consequence.

We want to keep it simple with our boxing schedule and focus on the big live events that are the most notable on TV or that are world title fights across the continents in a given monthly period (or so).

So here goes, lets take a look at what’s coming up on our boxing schedule over the next month or so:

Due to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic the boxing schedule has been adversely affected and will be reviewed again in due course on a future date to be determined and will be updated soon.