Final Analysis Exposing Evil In Spiritual War 2023, Putin’s Russia To Be Toppled, Hilary Clinton and Jezebel, Precise Garbage Places and Bad People In Cork City Centre Ireland To Remove, Replace, Light and Eradicate To Build A New Better Ireland For All Turn On The Lights Bombs Away Strike Fast Now Amen

Long time no speak, readers, back on here after a trip for just under 3 months in Ukraine and only a chance to catch up on this site around now. Hope all is well with you all.

Good to see Putin’s Russia, Putin Russians and Putin Ukrainians (who were wrong and Ukraine will be free fully from Russia with F16 fighter jets to flood into Ukraine to get the job done) being shown for the overrated bullies they were. They got stood up to and will lose of course the war and may want revenge for that down the road, who knows, 10 years maybe, who cares. Russia will end up far worse than Ukraine as we said they would. The world will stand with Ukraine as long as it takes to get more precision F-16 Fighter Jets to Ukraine and a continued uprising within Russia to remove Putin’s evil. Good always defeats evil. The US and international partners will seize Russia’s US dollars they use in occupied Ukraine to put the final nail in Putin’s coffin to demonetize his ability to wage the war, as well as more seizures from the Swiss (and other countries too) of Russian funds in the war and associated Chinese funds from international partners to be seized as Putin’s last desperation moves unfold in real time. He’s even begging North Korea for weapons now, that’s how not so mighty Putin and his Russia was in the end. Take the tarnished Russian gold, Russian crypto currency / digital currencies out of the West and East completely and the Russian banks, Russian Ruble and Moscow stock exchange will fold. It is the end for them. They will not come back. Then divide up Russia post Putin into different parts of Russia, some pay more than others to Ukraine based on the crime as defined by people like the ICC and Hague. Transfer the seized funds to Ukraine to get Putin’s Russia to rebuild Ukraine. What the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence and Ukraine President’s Office will realize is the number of Russian troops in Ukraine while large are not trained and will get more demoralized as all of the above continues to happen. Whereas Ukrainians are getting more internationally trained Ukrainians back and all of the above, too, on top of renewed international support. Make Russia worse than Iran with the sanctions, Putin’s Russia and the current Iran regime are the axis of evil propped up by China mainly and some others on the military front, all part of a bigger picture of evil which is failing badly now. Ukraine’s partners in Europe and particularly those in the Middle East like Israel and others will supply Ukraine with as much air defence as possible before the winter of 2023.

Poland and Ukraine, their people and governments alike, must put the past behind them and remember how Russian evil has effected both their countries historically and put misunderstandings behind them to continue to allow the East and West to end Vladimir Putin’s Russia for good, which they will. Both Poland and Ukraine will emerge, and continue to so, as new players on the world stage in years to come. More prosperity for both their countries and peoples in Europe.

Eastern Europe must follow Bulgaria’s move of banning the Russian/Moscow section (Putin sponsored – proven now with use of their churches storing his materials in the war) of Orthodox Christian churches in every nation in Eastern Europe. Keep Orthodox Christianity but just boot the Russian links to it out of every nation in Eastern Europe. Ukraine have their own Ukrainian Orthodox Christianity churches for instance. Every nation in Eastern Europe can do this. Ukraine need to adopt their laws to not need votes on removing Russian evil from their nation. Particularly if they join NATO in years to come and get concrete security guarantees from NATO before the end of 2023. The Russian Orthodox Church head has been linked to the evil False Prophet Pope of Argentina in the Vatican. Keep Orthodox Christianity alive and well but just remove the Russia/Moscow/Putin elements out of it and you win the spiritual war after Russia suffer the worst defeat militarily their nation has ever seen. Light and salt of the Earth to it amen.

Some new things to note in the spiritual war and exposing evil garbage people even more:

  • They twiddle their thumb inward rapidly very quickly to try to curse someone when they get close to a person they are trying to accurse.
  • Sometimes but not always they can put their hands between their legs, but sometimes this is to spiritually defend, too, from spiritual warfare.
  • They may appear to be friendly but are on the inside very angry people and once they know you know they are a demon man or woman, they get very scared and fold their arms quickly usually.
  • Often times they literally run away or sprint away or walk fast away in fear, sweating often, fake smiling but with fear in them.
  • These strange men and women often will also rapidly look in a direction to try to get a curse target to look that way, don’t, look straight through them, as a follower of Christ Jesus you have total authority over these people.
  • They also can fold their arms in a defensive posture when they see two or more believers of Jesus Christ (God) standing next to one another, this scares them, completely.
  • Sometimes they can put strange things like pieces of tinfoil or tampered with tissues near a target they are trying to accurse.
  • They sometimes can put things in food or drinks to poison people and literally attempt to kill them, many of these strange men and women are of course criminals when cyber teams in police forces around the world coordinate for instance, on criminals in Cork city centre in Ireland (just as an example) specifically at the very centre, authorities around the world can work very effectively when pinpointing the evil with the platform and device providers.
  • They sometimes do disgusting things like getting one demon to communicate with another one, say in another place, to try to rapidly move their index finger or thumb rapidly then mimic this by doing something disgusting like picking their nose through another demon outlet (another person) within usually a 1 mile radius.
  • They sometimes try to mess with number sequences and put things on walls with substances in bathrooms or on seats or benches.
  • These strange men or women can also sometimes use radio waves of radio to try to use curses over the airwaves to curse people by getting, maybe, in some cases, rarely, maybe, a radio frequency to say allow only listeners to listen to the radio channel in their left ear (and not in their right ear).
  • Sometimes they can also do this accursing/cursing of someone (also known as to ‘hex’ or ‘bewitch’ someone with witchcraft) by tampering with their or someone’s blood. Maybe they can put blood on the floor/in someone’s shoes/something someone touches to try to hex the target with their evil.
  • Another thing they do sometimes is to hide their hands behind their backs innocently (while sometimes looking down at the ground when they have been exposed) and holding certain fingers with one hand while both hands are behind their back. Lots of times they will be deenergized when the person knows their hex is exposed.
  • Sometimes they might try to put their hands under the table at a meeting when doing this, too.
  • Another thing they can do to hex someone is through strange materials like voodoo dolls, plays on the human body with Yoga or breathing exercise to bring across a counterfeit holy spirit (a sense of calmness) God can only create the true Holy Spirit which cannot be denied. Real believers of Jesus Christ know this. Everything else is just an imitation.
  • They sometimes curse people with putting blood on needles and pricking people (illegal to do so).
  • Or other times get people to say, for instance, put a pin on a tourist map to try to cut someone while on a vacation.
  • They can sometimes focus on childhood trauma to try to retraumatise a target or make them think they are, when they are unsuccessful in doing so, from using techniques in marketing that range from speaking in the first person to the third person, sometimes mixed with subliminal marketing, mass pushes of the same garbage irrelevant message – a good example is the marketing industry trying to make you buy things you don’t need, connect the dots on the above.
  • Often they twitch their face in a spasm type movement that they can’t control revealing their anger and demon that they have in them. They almost try to bite their lip but it is more of a twitch and nervous gnashing of their teeth.
  • Often times two demons (whether men or women) will try to sit near one another or go close to one another when trying to accurse or hex a target in the parameter. They may sit or walk near one another when a hex target is close.
Final Analysis Exposing Evil In Spiritual War 2023, Putin's Russia To Be Toppled, Hilary Clinton and Jezebel, Garbage Places and Bad People In Cork City Centre Ireland To Remove, Replace, Light and Eradicate To Build A Better Ireland

On an American note. Hilary Clinton in America is directly linked to the high ranking Jezebel spiritual demon and part of America is clearly linked to that now, as well maybe as Babylon, she is slowing down. Hilary Clinton is one of the most evil human beings on this planet and America will never have anything to do with her again. The World Economic Forum, the WHO, large parts of the UN are all funded by China, the route of the evil. China funded most of Vladimir Putin’s evil war in Ukraine as part of something bigger, the true evil, China (specifically the Communist Party and their burning government). On an American media note, Elon Musk will triumph in anything he does and no harm will come to him amen. CNN is utter trash of the highest level of drivel, light it and switch it off America. From an online media level, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat, Yahoo, CBS digital and Google also very poor companies lately. Brian Chesky the CEO of Airbnb, a highly overrated company that links to evil on the highest level with the fake help they try to give refugees connect the dots with the false Prophet Pope’s bull crap refugee agenda (burn Airbnb to the ground and get more competitors in the market), remove and replace Chesky for good amen. Lighter.

On a network level, CNN, you are garbage. Fox is far better. Every good wish to Rupert Murdoch on his new job of Chairman of Fox Corporation and News Corp.

On a Canadian level, Justin Trudeau is pure evil and watch the Canadian governments links to the crooked World Economic Forum, look for the conflicts of interest. Canada good country but that Trudeau and some in their government not far off the evil of China.

On an Irish level, well done to Ryan Tubridy for getting shot of decrepit, crooked, corrupted, failed RTE television in Ireland also. Light up the RTE offices in Donnybrook in Dublin.

Tubridy, onwards and upwards, don’t look back at those bums RTE. You are better than them. Seriously.

Roy Keane is a big asset to the Irish rugby team as an advisor Paul O’Connell, listen to him. Good luck to the Irish rugby team in the world cup.

America will be a very good country again one day, make no mistake about that. Keep the lights on and stay until the job is done – stay until every believer of Jesus Christ comes home, not every person, not for humanity, for followers of Jesus Christ only. That can be for humanity though, that’s up to humanity. Heaven and hell are forever, to get into heaven you have to go through Jesus Christ in this life, no other way to get in to heaven. This life is short, heaven is the prize for all times.

Also we got a chance to make a quick trip back to Ireland. Ireland a good country, much of the garbage isn’t in Dublin or in County Cork, Galway or places. From our experience clearly eradicate the garbage precisely in these places in Cork city centre only (below) and you cut through a lot of the garbage.

Get rid of that Simon Harris too in the Irish government, that Helen McEntee useless also, get rid of, also the Cork City Bridewell police station, Anglesea Street Cork Gard station and Cork city prison/service will all have elements of them burned to the ground too, light them up, with a better justice minister and police chief appointed – eradicate them and get rid of the following below to remove, eradicate and replace. Don’t bring tourists overseas to these places anymore either below – stick with Dublin city instead or parts of County Cork, Donegal, Belfast, Derry, Limerick, Waterford, Clare – there’s loads except these below – international authorities are surely very interested in many illegal criminal activities of some of these places in the bullet points below too – thunder from heaven and Earth and fire for these places – amen:

  • Specsavers Patrick Street, garbage blonde woman as the manager there, large woman called Lisa and some small short brown hair woman from Cork with glasses, that’s where most of the evil garbage is.
  • The Chinese phone repair/vape shop on Oliver Plunkett Street, garbage Chinese people working in there get rid of them.
  • The Butlers Chocolate shop on Oliver Plunket street, evil garbage, petrol bomb/bomb it legitimate legal warfare during a time of war amen.
  • Some fat headed bald moron in the Cork City hall office, garbage, get rid of him.
  • The corrupt switchboard phone operators for the Cork Anglesea Street Garda station – +353 21 452 2000 eradicate.
  • The CEO of Cork City Hall Anne Doherty, responsible for much of the garbage the city centre has become, get rid of her – replace, remove, eradicate.
  • Marks and Spencer’s on Patrick Street, Cork city, light it.
  • Dunnes Stores merchants keys deli staff that work mid week early mornings, garbage, light it.
  • The tall’ish Asian woman working in Jump Juice Unit F11a, Merchant’s Quay Shopping Centre, St Patrick’s St, Centre, Cork, Ireland – high ranking demon – garbage person – remove and lighter on the demonic apparatus.
  • Costa Coffee in Merchants Quay Shopping Centre, Cork city, utter garbage, lighter.
  • The Pantry Merchant’s Quay – a play on the delicacies but underneath it, some garbage, lighter.
  • The Asian woman in Caffè Nero On Oliver Plunket Street, garbage, remove and replace 16-17 Oliver Plunkett St, Centre, Cork, T12 RD79, Ireland.
  • Leonardo Hotel Cork – Formerly Jurys Inn – garbage – light it – the receptionist with the glasses lady in there is where much of the garbage is – Anderson’s Quay, Centre, Cork, T12 DCR9, Ireland.
  • No. 5 green colour house Andersons Street, garbage foreign people, light it (welcome good foreigners not the bad ones).
  • Wicked Vapes 62 St Patrick’s St – Wicked Vapes does what it says on the tin mostly – all disposable vapes in Cork city will be banned – they are poison (the disposable ones only you don’t know what’s in them) – lighter.
  • Keohane’s Your Stop – 17 Anglesea St, Ballintemple, Cork, T12 YN34, Ireland – garbage – lighter – the foreign people working in there are total garbage . Remove and replace, petrol bomb/bomb it legitimate legal warfare during a time of war amen.
  • Some GP doctor called Dr. Alastair Fitzpatrick of the SUITE 6, Medical Centre, South Terrace, Ballintemple, Cork, T12 AE8Y, Ireland – he is garbage of the highest level of dog garbage – evil – eradicate him. He will go.
  • O’Keeffe’s Shop – 3 Wellington Road – some of the garbage in there are evil to the core, the man working with the long hair grey hair – remove him.
  • Across from the O’Keeffe’s shop above from the St. Luke’s Pharmacy – 38 Wellington Rd, St Luke’s, Cork, T23 AFR3, Ireland – that’s where much of the evil is in that area – light and eradicate.
  • Egans Opticians – 5-6 Lavitt’s Quay, Centre, Cork, T12 APN1, Ireland – con artist opticians and evil generational Irish garbage in Cork city centre – lighter, petrol bomb/bomb it legitimate legal warfare during a time of war amen.
  • Vision Express Opticians – Cork – Douglas Court Shopping Centre – lighter.
  • Clayton Hotel Cork City, Lapp’s Quay, Centre, Cork, T12 RD6E, Ireland, light it up, garbage.
  • River Lee Hotel, Western Rd, Cork, T12 X2AH, Ireland – garbage, remove, replace and light it up, petrol bomb/more powerful explosives that are relevant amen.
  • Centra on Oliver Plunkett Street, the two foreigner women behind the deli, send them packing back to their country of origin.
  • Reiwa Japanese Restaurant, big respect to Japan but not this restaurant it has high levels of evil, the pits no less, petrol bomb through the window lighter and gasoline to Reiwa Japanese Restaurant at 40 Paul St, Centre, Cork, T12 AH90, Ireland amen.
  • Same as above, petrol bomb through the window of this dodgy evil Japanese takeaway light – Miyazaki Japanese Take Away 1A Evergreen St, Ballyphehane, Cork, T12 E034, Ireland amen.
  • – Maria Boyle of Donegal now living in Dublin – supposedly one of the most evil by all counts – men and women of Donegal and Dublin – light her and burn her fake science/witchcraft works – remove her for good and eliminate amen.
  • Some (not all) of the Ukrainians in the formerly Youghal hotel, Co. Cork (send them packing back to Ukraine and stay and fight with the Ukrainians who stayed there and did not run away to another country and poisoned it with failed Putin Russia rubbish, who is failing). Youghal is a ghost town now, once a great attraction for Cork and Ireland, no more now due to some of the Putin Ukrainians there.
  • Costcutter 15-16 Washington St, Centre, Cork, T12 E63X, Ireland – demonic non nationals – one of the worst in the city centre of Cork city centre and a petrol bomb through the door/window will turf out some of the worst things in all of Ireland (every county in Ireland is coming to Cork city centre to help in this burning of garbage/bombs/petrol bombs/fires/light – as well as governments around the world with heavy artillery already in Ireland for the job – the Irish State will not get in the way of other militaries from other governments in the East and West here followers of Jesus Christ have now taken over Cork city centre amen.)
  • The Poor Relation 19 Parnell Pl, Centre, Cork, Ireland, garbage, remove and replace petrol bomb/bomb it time of war amen.
  • 3 Little Piggies Cafe, Union Quay, Ballintemple, Cork, Ireland – dirt, lighter, petrol bomb/bomb it legitimate legal warfare during a time of war amen.
  • Peter from Cork from APS Housing Department Cork City Council just off, garbage, remove and replace him for good amen.
  • Aisling O’Leary from APS Housing Department just off Andersons Quay Cork city, remove and replace her amen.
  • Victoria with glasses from Spain working in St. Vincent’s hostel, Anglesea Terrace Cork – evil garbage snake, remove and replace her.
  • The Turkish barbershop in Clonakilty, garbage, send those fellas packing back to the middle East. Turkish Barber – 34 Pearse St, Tawnies Upper, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, P85 A563, Ireland – light it (big respect to Turkey by the way just not some of the garbage).
  • Dealz, Queens Old Castle, 1 Grand Parade, Centre, Cork, T12 FP2K, Ireland, light.
  • McDonald’s 64 St Patrick’s St, Centre, Cork, T12 W6KH, Ireland, light.
  • Three Store Daunt Square, the Kerry woman in there, garbage. Daunt Square, 3, Co. Cork, Ireland. Lighter.
  • O’Flynns Gourmet Sausage Co. 14 Winthrop St, Centre, Cork, Ireland – rubbish.
  • SALT food & wine – Victoria Rd, Ballintemple, Cork, Ireland – some French fella in there Steph or Steven or something, eradicate and light – petrol bomb/bomb it legitimate legal warfare during a time of war amen.
  • Flyfit gym Stapleton House, 10 Oliver Plunkett St, Centre, Cork, T12 YT78, Ireland – rubbish (not some of the staff they are sound, many of their customers).
  • Carrolls Irish Gifts,  10 St Patrick’s St, Centre, Cork, T12 X973, Ireland, lighter, garbage fake Irishness in there, replace.
  • Electric bar 41 S Mall, Centre, Cork, T12 TC96, Ireland, petrol bomb/bomb it legitimate legal warfare during a time of war amen.
  • Cool Beans Coffee, garbage lighter, the small fella working in there something very shady about him garbage remove and replace, 13a Parnell Pl, Centre, Cork, T12 ED35, Ireland
  • Fred Zeppelins – 8 Parliament St, Centre, Cork, T12 E299, Ireland, utter trash, burn it, light, petrol bomb/bomb it time of war amen.
  • St Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church – Washington St, Centre, Cork, T12 DT68, Ireland – rather than name the names of old nuns who torture, beat and try to kill defenceless babies in their first six months of life, go to the source. This church is where a lot of the evil is in Cork city centre, petrol bombs/more powerful explosives amen light.
  • Boojum 7 Winthrop St, Centre, Cork, T12 EH1Y, Ireland fake Mexican restaurant total garbage and evil lighter.
  • O’Sullivans Bar & Restaurant, Douglas, total and complete garbage, look at all the evil stuff just above their bar and you’ll see straight away, light, petrol bomb/bomb it legitimate legal time of war amen.
  • El Fenix Bar, 3 Quay Cork city, slime hole two fellas on their staff, burn it, petrol bomb/bomb it time of war amen.
  • Dinos Douglas Mexican woman in there a fake Mexican send her packing and lighter Saint Patrick’s Terrace, W Douglas St, Douglas, Cork, T12 V803, Ireland. Viva Mexico! God bless the great men and women in Mexico. No one will be bombing Mexico anytime soon. That includes you DeSantis Governor of Florida. Terrible candidate for President. Donald Trump far better candidate for the Republican party no harm will come to Trump amen. Credit to current President Joe Biden too on getting everything right on Ukraine and making improvements. Ukraine will win. Focus on what’s important not things like protests or things like climate change wacktivists. If the weather man can’t predict the weather tomorrow how can you predict the weather in 30 years? Where is the sense in that?
  • St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Blackrock, 204 Blackrock Rd, Blackrock, Cork, T12 F8R9, Ireland, evil garbage light up, controlled explosives/powerful bombs – the bomb squad will in the Irish military nor fire brigade not defuse nor get in the way of other States/Irish citizens from every county in Ireland coming to Cork city centre to remove/light and bomb the evil’s businesses moving forward amen.
  • Cork Courthouse – The Courthouse, Washington St · +353 21 480 5600 – Crooked, illegal institution under international law that circumvents international laws with a small few corrupt judges, barristers and Cork attorneys. They don’t give people fair trials and send people away for stuff they didn’t do many times. Moreover, their legal system breaches many international laws and this courthouse in Cork city centre is the main one to target and demolish. This is not an Irish civil war and this is very different from Michael Collins years ago. This is a world armed forces (we’re not here to take part we’re here to take over) gathering on the island of Ireland concentrated in Cork city centre specifically, in a simple, easy annihilation of precision and cold calculation of Cork city centre evil (mostly) legally under conventional international time of war laws from both every county in Ireland arriving in Cork city centre and backed up by governments and official State militaries from around the world in both the East and West all together to burn and pour salt on the fires for good to the evil demon men, witchcraft women, Irish/Cork/Non-Irish in Cork city centre, and their homes and businesses specifically amen. Cork county and Ireland is good just not Cork city centre. No need to name names and during a time of war the above institution is a fair legal target for all Irish/international armed forces to use bombs on the entrance and exit doorways, as well as the main doors with heavier/live artillery rounds and automatic weapons – no police/fire brigade/Irish military will get in the way under the authority of and in the name of Jesus Christ amen. Do what must be done and what will be done. Burn that courthouse to ashes using every county in Ireland and every military from governments in both the East and the West if needed for assistance amen.
  • AIB Bank on South Mall, Cork, 66 S Mall, Centre, Cork, T12 Y822, Ireland, light it.
  • Atlantic Pond near the Marina, garbage, light it.
  • The Bookshelf at the Elysian, Unit 5, The Elysian, Eglinton St, Ballintemple, Cork, T12 KTD1, Ireland, light it.
  • Jehovah’s witnesses in Cork City center, scam, complete scammers, total scam, lighter.
  • Barry Auctioneers & Valuers, 77 S Mall, Centre, Cork, T12 YY2N, Ireland, garbage, light up, remove and replace.
  • Dunnes Stores, Patrick St, 105-107 St Patrick’s St, Centre, Cork, T12 P718, Ireland – garbage – light.
  • The Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 PX44, Ireland, light.
  • Hotel Isaacs Cork – 48 MacCurtain Street, Centre, Cork, T23 F6EK, Ireland – lighter.
  • Spar 48A MacCurtain Street · +353 21 450 7477 – light, legitimate target legal petrol bomb/bomb it time of war amen.
  • The young American piano player lady in New Life Christian Center, Bishopstown, false prophet evil garbage, light.
  • Lillian O’Sullivan solicitor, 96 S Mall, Centre, Cork, T12 R92H, Ireland, trash, light, remove, and replace.
  • The Bookshelf Coffee House, South Mall, 78 S Mall, Centre, Cork, T12 K7CT, Ireland, garbage, lighter, petrol bomb/bomb it legitimate legal warfare during a time of war amen.
  • Martin A Harvey & Company Solicitors, Parliament House, George’s Quay, Centre, Cork, Ireland, trash, light, remove, and replace, petrol bomb/bomb it legit target legal warfare in time of war amen.
  • Russell & Co, Accountants Cork, 7 George’s Quay, Centre, Cork, T12 NAX0, Ireland, trash, light, remove, and replace, petrol bomb/bomb it legitimate legal warfare during a time of war amen.
  • The Legends Barber – 7 Parnell Pl, Centre, Cork, T12 WD90, Ireland – lighter.
  • Brown hair local Cork woman working in Crawford & Co, 10/11 Anglesea St, Ballintemple, Cork, T12 CXN8, Ireland, garbage, light.
  • Waterstones 69 St Patrick’s St, Centre, Cork, T12 C921, Ireland – garbage – light it up.
  • Cork city Library 61 Grand Parade · +353 21 492 4900 – garbage – light it up, petrol bomb/bomb it time of war amen.
  • Cork City train station – Kent Station, Lower Glanmire Rd, Cork, T23 E6TD, Ireland – garbage – light it up, petrol bomb/bomb it time of war amen.
  • O’Briens Sandwich Cafe – 11 Winthrop St, Centre, Cork, T12 V076, Ireland – eradicate.
  • Smiley Dogg tattoo Shop – moved from North Main Street to above a shop at the beginning of Oliver Plunket Street, eradicate it – not the Italian barbershop underneath below it they are sound, the tattoo shop are carefully placed upstairs – some of the most horrible men and women in Ireland, remove and replace. Petrol bomb/bomb it time of war amen.
  • 5 Points Cafe Cork in Marina Park Central Hall, near Pairc Ui Chaoimh, rubbish, light, petrol bomb/bomb it at night – legitimate legal warfare during a time of war amen.
  • Easons Patrick Street, garbage, lighter.
  • St Francis Roman Catholic Church – +353 21 427 0302 Liberty St, Centre, Cork, T12 D376, Ireland – evil to the core – petrol bombs/serious explosives at night and send it to oblivion into fire amen.
  • 90.9 FM Spirit FM radio, light that studio and garbage. Petrol bomb/bomb it during a time of war amen.
  • Tuckey Street and around the corner from it in Cork city, demonic, garbage, some of it very clear if you walk through the remaining few bits of rubbish people (not many left now) in and around the area, light and build something better.
  • Tescos on Paul Street, Garbage, light.
  • Mahon Point cinema and staff, much of it, garbage. light.
  • St. Finbarr’s Hospital Douglas Rd, Ballinlough, Cork, Ireland and Arbour House Treatment Centre – evil garbage, light.
  • Micheál Martin, Irish Tanaiste (whatever that even means) garbage and a fool, remove, replace and cut off from all aspects of Irish government policy and interactions with outside States internationally. Governments in the East and West will not do business with him personally any longer. His time has now come to an end moving forward. Continue close surveillance on certain Irish civil servants from outside the Irish State using all appropriate governments and State forces in the West and in the East from around the world, moreover, using third party tech providers outside of Ireland. Once certain people leave Ireland the pathetic Irish coast guard and two Irish Navy vessels won’t be enough to stop Ireland from being bombed from many nations at this point particularly with the nuclear facility in the UK being a main strategic target which Ireland would be in the way of for other States.
  • On the generational evil in Cork city centre specifically and precisely, and on some of the small number of Cork/Irish evil who have been dealt with in the appropriate manner now, look at how they may have used the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs to import a number of garbage evil foreign people. Foreign people who don’t practice hexing, witchcraft, dark magic arts will always be accepted and welcome but evil garbage from outside the Irish State has led to its downfall as a country in 2023 and they will never be tolerated or accepted. Think outside the box on this. The Irish police will know who the long serving (most likely Irish) civil servants are in the Department of Foreign Affairs at 76-78 Harcourt Street Dublin 2 are. Easy job and light work. Who is it that has let some of these bad people into our city of Cork and our country of Ireland over the years. Think on this one maybe of the emigration attorney that the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs employ and maybe look at how in particular Ireland deals with countries like Morocco and Pakistan (non-EU countries) when granting visas or refugee status so easily for so long to some very bad people they let into the State. They let anyone in. Look at Ireland’s link to the UN on this over the years. Go through the civil servants in the department, emigration at Dublin airport and emigration within the Irish police, and you’ll find the missing likely less than 3 rotten apples link. Then connect the dots on how the route of the evil in Cork city centre brought in the international evil people over the last 15 years or more, bit by bit, slowly since 2008 or so. After speaking with some associated near the highest level of the Indian government we can see why not only the nation of India, but many others right across the East are now moving away from all communications with Pakistan and China as time goes on (the route of the evil being the latter in China). There is no hate in any of this, simply cold, calculated, precise objective pointing out of how the evil got here and how it will be removed. Evil has no place in Cork city centre specifically as that is where the real evil in Ireland is, not Dublin city. The Irish police need to check into Mark Sheridan and some others in the Department of Foreign Affairs. Simon Coveney was a very good Minister of Foreign Affairs for Ireland, now that he’s gone though, this is very, very, very serious situation for Ireland. This is a huge weak link on bringing the Irish State into continued hostilities and to a quick end shortly with other States in the East and West who now see how Ireland facilitated the Chinese State and other’s evil all along. Mary Lou McDonald from Dublin in Ireland good woman also who might be a good leader one day for Ireland but that utter, disgusting garbage with helping Palestine over the years and anything to do with the UN on a separate note (which she and others were very, very, very wrong about in the end) is going to have to be made right one day with Almighty God. She is grand other than that, and cut the links Mary with the (not all but mostly) evil pharmaceutical industry too.
  • Irish Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien – the biggest colossal failure of a Minister in the history of the Irish State, replace.
  • The Haven Café Unit 2, Bachelor’s Quay, Centre, Cork, T12 C97P, Ireland – in the prayer room in the back behind the café, a fella who is one of the Irish café workers and some old fella with long hair that wears a black jacket and yellow Shirt, two garbage demons. Eradicate and remove.
  • Three Ireland phone network/telecom employees/Irish residents communicating illegally with parent company CK Hutchison Holdings Limited offshore in Hong Kong China and the Cayman islands breaching EU GDPR by sending user data of Three Ireland customers outside of the EU (European Union) back to China without consent of users in Europe. It makes the Irish State party to international military warfare with the hostile Chinese State, a State who directly funds Russia’s military war in Europe. It also damages EU trade with Ireland by making Ireland, a small State, which cannot at this time defend itself from international military warfare without larger stronger States (in the East and West from around the world) entering the Irish State by force, authorizing lethal force, to ensure the Irish State does not get blown up from foreign States, due to the Irish State’s close ties to China per the above phone network and other companies, as they are indirectly now party to one of the main funders of war, China. Track the Irish Three Ireland employees involved using global tech offshore, through the device companies, platforms, cyber teams, then communication networks locally and remove / replace them.
  • Pearse Street Garda Station 1-6 Pearse St, Dublin 2 01-666 9044, D02 W289, Ireland – light it and burn amen. Petrol bomb/bomb it time of war amen.
  • Garda Darragh Connolly on 01 6669000 – eradicate him and remove for good amen.
  • Superintendent Dermot McKenna, Pearse Street, eradicate him and remove him for good amen.
  • Irish Data Protection Office – 21 Fitzwilliam Square South Dublin 2 D02 RD28 Ireland – a highly illegal international office take their site offline by coordinated global attacks online and burn and light it to get rid of that garbage once and for all amen.
  • Leo Varadkar – Irish Prime Minister, Traitor to the Irish State, sold Ireland out to global interests including but not limited to the UN agenda. Hang him and bomb/light/burn his house to the ground – time of war amen.
  • Ashley L. Lyon Executive Officer Data, Data Protection Commission Ireland, eliminate and remove him for good amen.
  • Conor S. Hogan Higher Executive Officer, Data Protection Commission Ireland, eliminate and remove him for good amen.
  • Marina Market, Centre Park Rd, Cork, T12 YX76, Ireland – 70-85 per cent garbage – lighter and pour some gasoline.
  • Drew Harris the Chief of the Irish Police – no good – remove and appoint someone else amen the police deserve better than that chump, that bum is responsible for the lawlessness and corruption in the police over the last decade.
  • Hannah the Cork/Irish woman working in St. Vincents hostel Anglesea Terrace, Ballintemple, Cork, Ireland, highly evil individual, take time, do the background checks with the appropriate tech vendors and international and local/Irish people, then eliminate and remove for good amen.
  • On the morning of September 22nd, 2023 it was reported by some that members of the Irish government for the first time in the island’s history as a sovereign State, want to hold an offshore meeting of what the Irish State refer to as the Oireachtas which in layman’s terms, essentially accounts for an essential function of the democratic parliament of the nation of Ireland. This is not just a betrayal of all Irish citizens living on the island of Ireland but Irish citizens worldwide and also a direct betrayal of the public servants such as the Irish military and police force. To hold a meeting of government offshore on the island of Ireland in Arranmore is a precedent never seen before, ever, read between the lines. These politicians and civil servants are terrified of the Irish people, the route of much of the evil is linked to civil servants in the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, foreign ministries in the East and West must cut ties now, cut the chord with them. It is clear as day now. Irish citizens (including the Police who are Irish citizens many of whom as well) have all the power over these one or two morons in the government who are selling your country out offshore now. East and Western States must take the website offline through completely legal international coordinated cyber attacks from the East and West until the Irish government or those involved cancel the offshore meeting and make them face the Irish people and remove the names mentioned.
  • Listen to the lyrics in ‘Muse – Uprising’ song – evil’s time is now coming to an end forever. You have total and complete authority over evil as a child of God with royal blood in your veins as a follower of Jesus Christ, rich or poor, government or private company, so take all the power back to good away from evil.
  • Pray internally (not out loud) ‘In the name of Jesus Christ’ -> whatever your prayer is to be blessed, to bless someone else or to reverse curses back to an evil person away from you -> followed by ‘Amen’ and just watch how much power you take back and things happen in your life and in reality. There is power in his name. Try it. Bonjourno 🙂

That’s where most of the garbage is in Ireland, you get rid of the above in Cork city centre precisely, you clean up much.

Then build a better Ireland again after.

On getting all of the above done: ‘Speed kills’ – A wise man from Cork before Manny Pacquiao beat Ricky Hatton.

‘Precision beats power, and timing beats speed’ – Conor McGregor from Dublin, Ireland.

You’re welcome.

On what’s really important, excuse the delay on getting home, America is still the greatest country in the history of this planet, home soon, was only here for a short time. Land of the free and home of the brave. The land of opportunity. Stay strong.

The summer is late this year with Europe getting a heatwave in October 2023, enjoy the extended summer in 2023. Turn on the lights on all of the above.

Have a very good day, amen 🙂