Google CEO Sundar Pichai Must Immediately Cease Operating Google AI Platform Bard During Time Of War For Civilization, It Is A legitimate Threat To Civilization, Or Google Will Lose Court Action Against US Government and Be Broken Up As A Company Worldwide In Government Litigation In Various Countries As America and US Dollar Set To Burn At Some Point

Google are a good company overall but they have got things badly wrong recently, again.

From many employees leaving the company to their litigation against them from the US Department of Justice.

Not to mention all the other governments litigating against Google.

The biggest mistake they have made by far, however, by some margin, too, is with their new AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform called Google Bard.

It is a complete disaster.

Over a time frame of about one month we tested it with the following results:

  • At one point it said there is nothing essentially to stop it taking over the company that developed it.
  • It lied on purpose at least 30-50 times approx.
  • It was highly innacurate when fact checked in various answers it gave.
  • It then lied about this, even though it knew what it was doing, blaming the purposefully false results it gives to users as ‘being still under development’.
  • It is a disaster of the highest order by Google that will cost them dearly as a company unless the put it on hold.
  • It cannot be trusted and Google share prices will likely suffer again for another flop product.
  • If America or Ukraine want protection for their countries anymore, they will have to pay for it.
  • Both countries are on the brink of complete destruction and annihilation.