11 Military Moscow Targets For Freedom of Russia Legion, Ukraine and Ukraine Allies To Drone Attack

Internally Russians are now are militarily fighting back against Vladimir Putin within Russia.

Since the new development in the news in the war, here are new targets for they and Ukraine (and private company allies) to legitimately use drones to counter offense and attack directly in Russia:

  • Main Building of the Ministry of Defense: Arbatskaya Square, 1, Moscow, Russia
  • National Defense Management Center: Frunze Naberezhnaya, 12, Moscow, Russia
  • General Staff Headquarters: 3 Tverskaya Street, Moscow, Russia
  • Russian Ground Forces Academy: Myasnitskaya Street, 16, Moscow, Russia
  • Zhukovsky Air Force Academy: Akademichesky Prospekt, 30, Moscow, Russia
  • Russian Naval Academy: Nakhimovskiy Prospekt, 32, Moscow, Russia
  • Russian Space Forces Academy: Universitetsky Prospekt, 33, Moscow, Russia
  • Russian Chemical-Biological Protection Forces Academy: Akademichesky Prospekt, 4, Moscow, Russia
  • Russian Military Diplomatic Academy: Smolenskaya Square, 10, Moscow, Russia
  • Russian Military Academy of Logistics: 1 Korolyov Street, Moscow, Russia
  • Russian Military Academy of Communications and Information: 1 Akademichesky Prospekt, Moscow, Russia