Section Of Russian Army Start Joining Forces With Ukraine On The Border Fighting Back Against Vladimir Putin Militarily Attacking Vladimir Putin’s People In Russia

There has been a sudden shift in a turn of coup and civil war movement in Russia against Vladimir Putin. Real mayhem today. Commotion in war.

With one group of the Russian army turning against Vladimir Putin and his people in Russia joining forces militarily attacking Vladimir Putin’s people and more in Russia – well done lads – next stop drones into Moscow directly into the Vladimir Putin buildings light the fuse:

Very encouraging. Enjoyable. Well done lads, lay into him. More of the same. He’s there for the taking. Join Ukraine and strike the Vladimir Putin enemy occupiers together for Ukraine. Get the drones from Ukraine to fly directly into the Vladimir Putin owned media buildings in Moscow to take down all his disinformation at the source. It is for the best for Russia in the long-term after a few years of post Vladimir Putin. Make it rain.

Divide up Russia then after into different Republics and yes some isolation for Russia as a country but some parts maybe will pay less than others for the war crimes and so on. Once Vladimir Putin loses badly, which he will, things will improve.