Battered Vladimir Putin Loses More Global Support As G7 Back Ukraine At 2023 Summit Russia Plan On Creating Aircraft To Storm Bomb Ukraine Here’s How To Defend Against Them

Vladimir Putin is a mess.

His time continues to come to an end and he is getting desperate with air bombers soon per:

More air defense systems in place will stop that.

An iron dome like defense similar to Israel is what is needed.

Israel military support is also appropriate for Ukraine at this point.

More than so.

As for Ukraine, here are a few things to note on any planned Russian bomber attacks:

  • Employ electronic warfare (EW) techniques to disrupt Russian aircraft communications and navigation systems.
  • Use camouflage and concealment to make it more difficult for Russian aircraft to target Ukrainian forces.
  • Deploy air defense systems in a layered defense to provide multiple layers of protection against Russian aircraft.
  • Train troops in air defense tactics and procedures to improve their ability to defend against Russian aircraft attacks.

As well as the bread and butter basics of:

  • Air defense systems: Ukraine has a number of air defense systems, including surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), anti-aircraft guns, and fighter jets. These systems can be used to shoot down Russian aircraft or to prevent them from entering Ukrainian airspace.
  • Early warning: Ukraine has a number of early warning systems that can detect Russian aircraft approaching Ukrainian airspace. This gives the Ukrainian military time to scramble its fighter jets and to prepare its air defense systems.
  • Cyber warfare: Ukraine has been using cyber warfare to disrupt Russian military operations. This includes attacking Russian air defense systems and disabling Russian aircraft.
  • Ground-based weapons: Ukraine has a number of ground-based weapons that can be used to attack Russian aircraft. These include anti-aircraft guns, man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), and artillery.
  • Human intelligence: Ukraine has a network of human intelligence assets that can provide information about Russian aircraft movements. This information can be used to target Russian aircraft or to prevent them from entering Ukrainian airspace.