As Sergey Lavrov’s Family Had To Be Rushed Out Of Georgia Saudi Arabia Must Move Them On Back To Russia, Same Thing For Any Remaining Vladimir Putin Family and Friends and How Belarussians Can Strike Fast Against Lukashenko Now While He Is Weak and So Is Putin

The worldwide death and destruction of Vladimir Putin is an unstoppable force against him and his terrorist State associates.

So much so the worst Russian in the world, Sergey Lavrov, his family had to be rushed out of Georgia per:

Same thing will happen Vladimir Putin or Lukashenko family members any country they try to go to.

Both will either be arrested or killed should either choose to leave Russia or Belarus.

Belarussians must take back their country now and hit Vladimir Putin’s people there and strike fast.

  • The Belarusian people are united in their desire for change. The protests that took place in 2020 showed that the Belarusian people are united in their desire for a democratic government. This unity is a powerful force that can be used to overcome Lukashenko’s regime.
  • The Belarusian people are strong and resilient. The Belarusian people have shown that they are strong and resilient in the face of Lukashenko’s repression. They have endured violence, arrests, and imprisonment, but they have not given up. This strength and resilience will be essential in the fight to take back their country.
  • The Belarusian people have the support of the international community. The international community has condemned Lukashenko’s regime and has imposed sanctions on Belarus. This support will be important in the fight to take back Belarus.
  • Light the fuse. Everything is working beautifully at the moment.
  • You can’t lose, literally, Putin and Lukashenko are there for the taking, they are weak, as is Sergey Lavrov.