Russia Evading Some Electronic Sanctions Through Kazakhstan

It has been shown that the sanctions continue to work better every day that goes by against Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

However this report goes into how some slip through the net in Kazakhstan:

Basically some of the electronics, drones and so forth Russia and/or Iran use in Ukraine still getting through there.

Russia is evading sanctions through Kazakhstan by setting up shell companies.

Then essentially using them to import goods that are banned from direct shipment to Russia.

What happens then is that these companies are often registered in the name of Kazakh citizens or businesses.

But they are actually controlled by Russian interests.

Or a small tiny number of people indirectly affiliated to them.

Go through the names of wives of prominent Russian politicians, military general used to register these companies in their wife’s name as opposed to their own name.


There are a number of other ways that international players can stop these sanction evades.


One way is to increase cooperation between law enforcement agencies in Kazakhstan and other countries.

This will make it more difficult for Russian companies to set up shell companies and operate without detection.

Another way to stop sanction evasion is to strengthen the sanctions regime itself. Make it iron like strong.

On a simplified level, this could be done by adding new goods to the list of banned items or by increasing the penalties for violating sanctions.

Most drones are manufactured in China and companies importing through there need to be vetted to see logistically the distribution of how and when the goods get to Russia through third party countries eventually back into Russian hands affiliated with Vladimir Putin.

Peace comes through strength and as the global isolation, death and destruction of Vladimir Putin’s Russia proceeds, so too does the small number of friends he has remaining in various countries around the world.

You must hit him in other countries too to be truly effective.

Ukrainians who may have wanted to move to Russia (a tiny number before and a very, very tiny one now) can see through the rubbish from Vladimir Putin and Russia now.

His media in Russia cannot fool people in Russia or Ukraine anymore.

Today’s times are not like when Hitler could control propoganda.

People are not as stupid as he thought they were, Putin, that is.

Moreover, his war in winter failed and now the international community worldwide and NATO are getting started with Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Military force is what is required to drive and repel Russian occupation out of Ukraine first and foremost in defense before anything can happen.

Then any potential mediation can happen and after that the rebuild job will be long in Ukraine.

Of course Vladimir Putin’s Russia will be isolated for some years and all war criminals in all countries connected to him locked up, or by other lawful means of military war appropriately dealt with.

Ukraine’s new investment both privately and from the EU is going to be huge, NATO too.

Hungary on their own in the EU are being dealt with in the EU all the time and are being forced out of the way to make room for Ukraine in Europe with more opportunity and prosperity not only for Ukraine, but less for Hungary and more for everyone else in the EU and Europe.