What Attacks On Russian FSB Offices On Russian Soil Show

There have been a number of internal strikes against Putin’s regime in Russia in recent months. Strikes widely reported this week on Russian FSB offices in Russia show more.

The strikes are a sign of growing dissent within Russia. The war in Ukraine has been unpopular with many Russians, and the economic sanctions imposed on Russia have had a significant impact on the Russian people.

They will have much more, though.

The strikes are also a sign of growing weakness within Putin’s regime. Vladimir Putin in truth, is weak.

The Russian government has been cracking down on dissent, but the strikes continue, ironically, weakening them further with their foreign and domestically policy backfiring as their global spy network Putin assembled over many years gets brutalized quietly, privately, with strong arm silencing tactics in countries around the world.

The attacks on FSB offices this week at Kursk Oblast injured five Russian border agents according to latest news. It suggests that the government is losing control of the situation.

Overall, the strikes are a sign that the Russian people are not happy with the current situation, and they are willing to take action to change it.

Here are some possible outcomes of the internal strikes against Putin’s regime:

  • The strikes could lead to a change in regime. If the strikes continue and become more widespread, they could force Putin to step down. This would be a major change for Russia, and it would open up the possibility of a new government.
  • Or Putin will simply be in jail soon by the Hague or ICC if crooked South Africa do a good job and don’t let him travel there (same with Argentina).
  • The strikes will lead to a civil war in Russia as Vladimir Putin will lose, and is losing, very, very badly.