How Israel Are Changing Mentality With Vladimir Putin’s Russia During War In Ukraine

Israel is a small country but can really, really look after itself and defend itself from terrorism.

Same as Ukraine and many other countries.

There has been a shift in Israel’s recent stance on the Ukraine war given such a large barrage of air strikes on Kyiv this week, leading to many new calls for an iron dome like defense in Kyiv for after Vladimir Putin’s Russia leave Ukraine, similar to how the one in Israel operates.

Vladimir Putin must lose extremely badly militarily and he will first, to get that into place and NATO and EU too.

So now.

Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi, Yaakov Bleich, has claimed that Israel changed its position on the war in Ukraine after Iran joined the conflict. Bleich said that Israel was initially reluctant to get involved in the war because it did not want to damage its relationship with Russia. However, he said that Israel’s position changed after Iran began providing military support to Russia.

Bleich’s claim is supported by some evidence. In the early days of the war, Israel was reluctant to provide military aid to Ukraine. However, in recent weeks, Israel has provided Ukraine with a number of weapons, including anti-tank missiles and drones.

It is possible that Israel’s change in position is due to Iran’s involvement in the war. Iran is a major enemy of Israel, and Israel is concerned about Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East. By providing military aid to Ukraine, Israel may be hoping to deter Iran from further aggression.

It is also possible that Israel’s change in position is due to other factors, such as the growing evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine. However, it is clear that Iran’s involvement in the war is a major factor in Israel’s decision to get more involved in the conflict.

Here are some additional thoughts on the matter:

  • Israel’s change in position on the war in Ukraine is likely due to a number of factors, including Iran’s involvement in the conflict.
  • Israel is concerned about Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East and is hoping to deter Iran from further aggression.
  • Israel’s change in position is a sign that the war in Ukraine is having a significant impact on the Middle East.
  • The US should not get in the way of Israel sending Ukraine at least one iron dome battery.
  • If anything it may help both the US and Israel in many ways.
  • Of course the US could just sell a similar system to Ukraine or a combination of both countries working something out for Ukraine with other countries.
  • One thing this week’s strikes on Kyiv and across the country showed, the new air defenses in Ukraine work beautifully well.
  • So more robust operated, similar to how they work in Israel will be needed in the medium to long term if Russia even try to launch from Russia after they depart Ukraine.
  • With crappier and crappier missiles at Russian disposal as time goes on.
  • If an iron dome is ready for deployment to Ukraine, why not deploy it?
  • Get the UK fighter jets, France, Italy and countries of the world to send fighter jets around the time time too to Ukraine.