Zelenskyy and Ukrainians Arrive In Berlin To Meet German Officials

Very, very important things must soon take place later today in Germany.

Ukrainian delegation on route there it is reported after Rome yesterday:


As the Russian FSB (old KGB highly overrated give them enough rope and they are hanging themselves as predicted now) comes to a brutal end in all countries, Vladimir Putin’s spy network globally is being destroyed, easily.

What Putin does and tries to do in Germany in this regard one of the last pieces of the jigsaw in that aspect, bust them up.

In the days and time ahead we would strongly advise Ukrainians in Germany and right across Ukraine to seriously heed the warning of air raid sirens and stay in shelter as Vladimir Putin’s global death and destruction becomes reality.

Thunder and lightning time.

Powerful, precise, calculated, calm moves from Ukraine and their global allies this month in the East and West to bring about further death and destruction globally of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Only way for lasting, genuine, justice peace with proper channels of NATO and EU security guarantees and iron dome weapon systems and border strength in Europe to put Putin down for good.