Ukraine Armed Forces Commander Makes Sound Point On Going Further Than Just Totally Removing Russia Occupation Fully

Vladimir Putin is losing very, very badly. That is what is actually happening.

The Ukraine armed forces commander making sound logic here:

The full, total de occupation of Ukraine and Russian soldiers leaving is a guarantee. At the least will happen.


Vladimir Putin losing very, very badly is also guaranteed.

He’s right though, in that, you must go further.

Way further than that.

There must be an iron dome-like defense network across the country with the EU and NATO’s assistance.

As Ukraine is de-facto in both organizations anyway.

To deter Russia back to the borders away from the country and never again to invade.

Putin must lose so badly that he will never in think about invading again.

NATO security guarantees and maintained long-term weapons in air defense, sea and land will ensure this furthermore.

As well as concrete sanctions into Russian gold, crypto and Russian churches internationally hiding Russian assets and money.

So that none of the above will recover for many years as Russian industries.

With all Putin’s people close to him completely wiped out.

Anyone who did business with those people wiped out.

Global death and destruction business and human collateral-wise of all things Vladimir Putin due to a time of war.

It is the only way.

A clean, precise, wipe out.