First Seized Russian Money Finally Transferred To Ukraine Government Directly Shows New Legal Precedence For All Countries To Easily Follow In How To Transfer Seized Russian Funds To Ukraine To Stop War And Allow For New Investment

This is a game changer.

Seized Russian money is now starting to get transferred directly into the Ukraine government:

That is what will work with more weapons. UA 24 good also in Ukraine as their official State organization connected to the military.

Don’t trust anything else.

That and sending a sick kid with their parents to Disneyland with tickets or directly pay the hospital for the treatment/surgery.

All vetted forms of charity and tithes in this evil world left that we can see at least.

Maybe some others to their credit but the above best direct for light and fight against evil we can see at least.

Do what you want of course but forget any of the following (if ungenuine only): research, churches, street beggars, street churches or volunteering charities. They are all gone now. Money will be used by the above and also the below.

Weapons for Ukraine the ultimate church tithe modern day in the fight against evil.

If helping kids’ charities avoid the big organizations, help the kid and their parents directly by sending the sick kid and his or her parents to Disney land or just pay directly for their surgery or treatment to the hospital and meet the surgeon in person. Be smart. Meet the surgeon with the parents and the child on the hospital in advance where the surgery will be done etc.

Chuck Feeney the Irish-American did this right years ago after the Vietnam war. The above is huge news for Ukraine.

That will set precedent.

Switzerland can easily track the easy legality of how this was done and simply replicate getting the seized Russian funds in Switzerland into Ukraine’s government.

To allow rebuilding of roads, hospitals, schools and more.

America can see the above precedence too.