Evaluation Of Lviv Front Line Kitchen Volunteer Aspects Military Authorization To Proceed Turn On The Lights

Ukraine will be free and will repel occupation of Russia in 2023. God is with them and God cannot fail, he always delivers. Of course Putin and his Russia occupiers the evil, Ukraine and Zelenskyy the good, obviously.

In any war where two countries at conflict who are next to one another, it is always spies and internal issues that are the final parts to cut out. Same thing in China Taiwan etc.

War is war and militarily we have been patient up until now.

We took a look at a volunteering program called Lviv Front Line kitchen turn on the lights now though amen:

Prosvity St, 4a, L’viv, L’vivs’ka oblast, Ukraine, 79000

Mostly good people and genuine but now it is time for the army in both Ukraine and others to make a move.

How they can have someone who lived in Russia, speaks Russian from America there, no way we can endorse it or go back there. No way. Even one or two evil can’t be around it mostly good but must cut out and remove the evil.

Some old lady (don’t be fooled by harmless old ladies) Mary from Boston, allegedly, remove turn on the lights in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Jesus Christ is God no matter what anyone says and nothing will change that fact and only truth.

That place is not genuine (fully) and convene all military personnel relentlessly to check there and remove with appropriate American people on the ground immediately today turn on the lights amen:

Prosvity St, 4a, L’viv, L’vivs’ka oblast, Ukraine, 79000

No more.

No amount of evil will conquer Ukraine and that includes spies or evil within Ukraine whether international or domestic.

In war militarily Putin and Russia and their evil allies no matter where globally – only understand one thing. Seriously.

That’s war.

War existed in the beginning and evil was defeated by good.

Same thing again in these times.

Cut the cancers out and you will win.

The EU and more will help rebuild roads in Ukraine as well as new private investment into Ukraine and from the East and West at State level.

No amount of spit, broken bones, cracked ribs or anything will stop good countries and people of the world helping Ukraine.

Do what has to be done militarily. That’s the only thing (internally in Ukraine) that Putin, Russia and his remaining few evil allies in that country understand.


There is no other ways.

The best case scenario is Ukraine will win stop millions being killed while having to crack a few rotten eggs along the way.

We don’t know anything but a physician’s job is to preserve as much life and choose life as much as possible. By removing a few of the rubbish evil people Ukraine are seeing is the only way – it is war.

Light and peace within war wins and will be rebuilt on a place with less evil and you are not alone in the fight against evil.

Zelenskyy, that’s it bud after today, get the army around to that place and check how long that individual and others have lived in Russia (mostly genuine but get rid of the cancers).

Russia are failing and Putin will lose very, very, very badly.

It is the only way.

There is no other way.

Ukraine beautiful country.

Same with America.

And many countries.

No matter what war times these are those facts will always remain and good always defeats evil in war.

Always has and always will.

Have a great day 🙂