Vladimir Putin Needs To and Will Lose Very, Very Badly

It is necessary for not only peace in Ukraine and Europe that Vladimir Putin and Russia lose their war in Europe, but globally.

Why? Here is why:

  • Vladimir Putin has been consistently never willing to do peace talks and just time buy his evil.
  • Only way he understands like evil at this time is military defeat.
  • Whereby troops actually leave Ukraine.
  • Political and sanction pressure against Russian gold and crypto will also squeeze the dwindling Russian military, gas and oil.
  • Russia’s overseas interlligence focus is being hounded and ripped apart limb from limb.
  • In places and to people you would never even expect (not only in Ukraine).
  • Vladimir Putin and Russia will lose very, very badly.
  • Maybe Alexei Navalny can replace Vladimir Putin in the years ahead after likely civil war in Russia after Putin goes.
  • As everything Russia had over the years was built only on Vladimir Putin.
  • Vladimir Putin being dealt on an individual note by Hague/militarily really is key to ending the war.
  • Who cares what happens, destroying the Russian army and them leaving Ukraine is what the US, EU, Japan, NATO and all of the East and West must focus on only now.
  • The Hague or something else will take care of Vladimir Putin after his occupiers depart.
  • Then Russia will likely be divided up into Republics in the years ahead.
  • During restiution and a lasting peace in Ukraine and Europe.
  • With concrete NATO and EU security guarantees.
  • And a robust iron dome like defense system in Ukraine and the heart of Kyiv.
  • Allowing for new investment into Ukraine globally in the East and West.
  • Leading to Ukraine’s formal accession into both the EU and NATO.
  • All of the above only a matter of time.