Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire Could Not Conquer The Blue Skies and Earth, Vladimir Putin and Russia Cannot and Will Not Conquer Ukraine and Spread Tyranny

Good always has had a way of defeating evil. Love the most powerful weapon of all of course – as God is love 1 John 4:16.

When you look back at humanity, things get a little bit better as time goes on but tyrants usually resurface over time.

In the Roman Empire (great people Romans these days nothing against them) days they had Nero and he is in a very warm place as we speak now.

His spirit some say may resurface in the next 50 years in our generation within the anti-Christ global leader (who knows ,no one will predict it exactly and he won’t call himself that anyway) Revelation 17:11

In today’s times you have Putin and his globally being attacked Russia and former Soviet Union now, all aspects of war to bring Putin and his regime to an end are being utilized in the modern warfare landscape at this time.

No matter what, we will always stand up for the underdog in any fight, Ukraine in this one, they are winning anyway and will win properly in 2023.

Freeing their country.

They are not underdogs anymore actually. They are of course going to regain territory and political sanctions and pressure will cause occupation to cease. Hammering Russian gold profits into oblivion the last crucial piece of the jigsaw in that sanction regard along with the Russian crypto.

Ukraine soon (who knows when) will be continuing to press the action in direct attack and counter attack mode.

As Putin’s remaining few occupiers try to defend what they think they have.

All the allies, Japan, NATO, East and West and all combined must be patient and take time with preparation.

Then be powerful and precise and clean in striking all as one all together quietly.

Lots happening in different countries at the moment not mentioned in the news of course.

Don’t believe everything you see or read.

Test the spirits.

Best way to do it. All goes full circle since the beginning anyway to Adam and Eve’s time Genesis 1:1-31 things have not changed on this planet in 7000 years at all God never changes and he never will he does what he wants as without God none of us are of any importance 🙂

Have a nice day 🙂

(Photo credit: Oleksii Reznikov Twitter)