As Putin Cancels Most Victory Day Parades In Moscow For First Time Ever In Worst Day Of Russian History Lukashenko Ends Up Back In Belarus Hand Damaged On May 9 2023 As Global Isolation and Obliteration Of Soviet Union and Russia Easily Happens

Russians associated with Putin’s Russia in all ways in all countries are getting hammered beyond belief.

That ‘Good Friend’ and ‘Epic Burger’ businesses in Lviv Ukraine, remove them Putin Russian/evil forces. Can’t stand them. Just getting started, easy, armies of the world must remove Russia from all areas of Ukraine and drive back the enemy and evil. That was overdue.

Dirt. Clean up has a lot of work going on in all countries not just Ukraine. Lukashenko hands bust up back in Belarus today:

Today will surely go down in global history as rightfully deservedly one of the worst days for Russia ever.

Belarus can manage without Russia and Lukashenko must know Putin is a spent force and cannot win, he must cut ties with Putin and the Budapest Orban.

They are no brothers of anyone those Putin people. Small force remaining now.

Peace comes when no occupiers in Ukraine and refugees Ukrainian in citizenship allowed return from everyone’s countries back to Ukraine before Russia and Putin started this all for all our countries turn on the lights on all of the above today amen.

Of course Ukraine will win and are winning.

More NATO and EU weapons and armies of the world only arriving all the time.

Good always defeats evil thank God amen.