Prigozhin and Kadyrov Clearly No Longer Fans Of Russian Defense Ministry and Putin

Vladimir Putin and the Russia armed forces, FSB and State armed forces are in trouble. Serious trouble.

From private security companies that will likely form to take out Putin at some stage or he goes to the Hague.

Two factions of Russian occupiers Prigozhin and Kadyrov of Chechnya clearly not happy with Putin and the Defense Ministry of Russia:

If they and a number of the other Republics in Russia work together they can easily take out the FSB and Putin.

Quite easily.

War criminals on all sides will still have to pay Ukraine and be brought to justice but surely there will be both a Russia country restitution from Moscow paid to Ukraine, but then, some Republics will pay more than others who were more responsible. Maybe some who were not involved will pay nothing but that would be determined by Ukraine and the appropriate courts only after occupiers leave Ukraine for Ukraine to discuss on their terms.

While all individual war criminals will be brought to their own justice. Something to consider in the time ahead.

It is all a show from Putin, Putin and his FSB are vastly weakened now and NATO and Eastern partners have not even started yet, who will soon, in terms of new support for Ukraine, as Russia get globally isolated for some years among the countries as a country. It will be divided up into different States/Republics.